The secret

Mya was at a coffee shop and finds a guy will she tell him her secret that she only told 1 person


1. Coffee at carribue

Liam's pov.

I walked into carribue and I saw this most beautiful lady.i got my coffee and asked if I could sit down.

Myas pov.

So I was sitting down at a table reading the book hunger games when this very handsome guy walks in.he came to me and asked If he sit here and I didn't mind.i got to know him a little bit then when we both had to go we shook hands there was a note In my hand when he said...

Call me so we can get together another time.(# was in it).
As sone as I got home I entered it into my iPhone and txted him if wanted to go to a movie tomorrow.

Liams pov

I got a txt from mya asking if I wanted to see a movie tommarrow I said sure why not.the next day I got a txt saying She can't she's at the red wood forest in where know one can go. I knew where she was.when I got there I could tell she was mad when I saw her she taranformed into a wolf and told me to go home.i did so I wouldn't get hurt she also said don't tell anyone because this is a secret only i and her BFF Madison know.
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