Impossible to be "Just Friends" With You.

Niall and Kimmy have been friends practically since birth. Niall never would have thought he would develop feelings for her, until the summer of 2012 when Kimmy spent the whole summer away. Something changed about her.

(Niall is not famous, but he is still friends with the boys. They all live in California. He still has the accent though, I promise!)


2. RED.

Over the summer I went to Washington to visit my aunt Kay. She was more like a best friend to me when I was away from Niall. She was the only one who knew my true feelings for him. I hadn't told anyone else because Niall is my only friend; It is us against the world. 

Aunt Kay gave me a make over at the beginning of the summer. My light brown hair was curled, my pale face brightened up with baby pink blush, and mascara making my already long black eyelashes fuller. My blue eyes were brighter with added mascara. Taylor Swift's new album RED inspired me to go bold and wear red lipstick. I actually felt beautiful.

Aunt Kay wasn't rich, but she was well off. She bought me a new wardrobe that consisted of floral prints, pinks, sheer tops, pastel skirts, and lacy dresses. I would have never chosen any of this before, but I wanted a change. From then on, I got attention from boys. I never liked any of them, but it definitely boosted my confidence.

The whole flight home, I wondered what Niall would think of the "new Kassie". I was nervous. This year, I wanted to tell him how I feel. I used to be really shy, but my new found confidence has made me more outgoing. 

I had butterflies in my stomach since the plane's wheels touched base on the runway. The twenty minuet drive home felt like an hour. I felt car sick... or maybe it was just love sick? When we pulled into the driveway, I hopped out of the car giggling and slammed the door out of excitement. I saw him just standing there, almost as if he was frozen,

I tapped on his shoulder and said, "Hey, stranger." I missed him more than you could ever imagine. He is my best friend and... I love him.

I just hope that I don't ruin my only friendship. It's impossible to be "just friends" with him...

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