Impossible to be "Just Friends" With You.

Niall and Kimmy have been friends practically since birth. Niall never would have thought he would develop feelings for her, until the summer of 2012 when Kimmy spent the whole summer away. Something changed about her.

(Niall is not famous, but he is still friends with the boys. They all live in California. He still has the accent though, I promise!)


4. More Than This.

I hungrily pressed my lips to hers. I haven't wanted anything more in my life. She is perfect. Why didn't I realize how much I love her until now? Was it because she "changed" over the summer? Did I like her because of her looks? All of these thoughts rushed into my mind at once. I pulled away and looked into Kassie's eyes. She looked confused. I then pushed her off of me and ran out of the room.

Tears started streaming down my face because I realized that I was shallow; Kassie deserves way better than me... She is so wholesome and down to earth. I am just a superficial jerk that only cares about looks. Kassie is perfect and I didn't see it until she altered her appearance. 

Any other guy could love her more than this. I ruined the best friendship anyone could ever have. What have I done? She will never forgive me. I can't help but think what she is doing right now... Is she heartbroken? Is she okay? I just don't know...

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