Impossible to be "Just Friends" With You.

Niall and Kimmy have been friends practically since birth. Niall never would have thought he would develop feelings for her, until the summer of 2012 when Kimmy spent the whole summer away. Something changed about her.

(Niall is not famous, but he is still friends with the boys. They all live in California. He still has the accent though, I promise!)


3. Little Things.


I changed Kimmy to Kassie (Casey) because I like it better :)

Niall's bare skin burned where Kassie had just touched him. He was in a tank top and shorts because the weather was not yet cool. Kassie had never had this affect on him, so why now? He slowly turned around to reveal this stunning girl that looked like she walked out of a magazine. Her dirty blonde hair with golden streaks that lightened in the warm rays of the summer sun. Her flush cheeks were the same color of her plump, smooth lips.

Her ocean blue eyes were glistening with passion and sheer joy. Niall stood there dumb founded. Kassie twirled in a little circle so that her golden curls flowed with the breeze and her loose fitting floral dress flared like Marilyn Monroe's. She was the image of perfection in Niall's eyes.

"You like?" she asked with a smirk. He couldn't gather the words that were on the tip of his tongue. He just nodded like an idiot. She giggled and ran off to the car to get her luggage. She looked as though she was struggling, so Niall snapped out of his trance to help her. Niall took the bags from Kassie and carried them with ease. He knew right where her room was.

Kassie followed behind the blonde haired boy towards her bedroom. His muscles were rippling from the weight of the suitcases. His tank top flattered him well. He threw the suitcases on her bed.

For a brief moment they made eye contact. Kassie quickly averted her eyes to the luggage on her bed. Niall and Kassie slept in this bed many a times, they had sleep overs all the time. Niall started to help unpack her luggage. He had seen her underwear and her wearing it on numerous occasions. now it was different.

He blushed a bright crimson color when he touched the little piece of cloth. Before Kassie saw, he put them in their proper drawer. The sexual tension in the room was thick. Niall wanted Kasie; Kassie wanted Niall. Neither of the two realized what the other wanted.

Kassie closed her door because she just never liked her door open. It was one of the many things Niall knew about her that others would look past. He knew all of these little things that she might not even know about herself. 

Niall walked towards the door as Kassie turned around. They crashed into each other's arms. Kassie was shorter than Niall. She looked up into his sky blue eyes sparkling with lust. He looked down at her perfect lips. He tried to contain his urge to close the gap between their lips.

Kassie couldn't take this tension anymore. She pushed him backwards and he landed directly on top of her bed, newly cleared from the bags they just unpacked. Niall pulled her on top of him and the two lied there gazing into each other's lust filled eyes. 

Niall lunged forward and closed the gap between their lips. She was hesitant at first, but her lips slowly gained rhythm. The stayed like this for a good fifteen minuets.They wanted each other so bad. Niall quickly pulled away leaving Kassie looking into his eyes confused.

"Niall?" and with that he ran. Kassie was on the cusp of tears when she realized she has finally kissed Niall after six years. She was so conflicted. Had she just ruined her relationship with Niall forever? Didn't he kiss her first?

Maybe they should have just stayed friends...

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