Love At Last

18-year old Janee' finds love with One Direction's Zayn Malik


4. Surprises and Revelations *Please Read--Authors Noteeeee(:*



Zayn padded down the stairs extremely fast. I wondered what the big surprise would be. By the time I got down the stairs I was relieved to see that Harry had finally but some clothes on and all the boys all huddled together. I sat down right in-between Eleanor and Breann. “Wellllll. . . ,” Eleanor said impatiently. “You guys know how we’ve always wanted to go to Paris?” I saw a sly smile cross Liam’s face. “Oh my gosh. You’re kidding me right?!?! We’re going to Paris?” I just couldn’t control myself. I blurted out my sentence before I realized what I was doing. “Well thanks Babe for letting us finish the surprise.” All I could do at that point was shrug off his comment and go run in for the hug. I could hear Eleanor and Breann screaming in the background. As Zayn and I pulled away from yet another kiss we turned to see what got everyone silent, Niall and Breann in the middle of their own passionate kiss. “ Well look-ey there. Maybe Niall finally DID get some.” Niall and Bree both started a blush fest. “Bree let’s get this over with. You wanna be my Princess?” Bree was at a loss for words. I could see it in her face. “YESSSSS ! Niall James Horan Yes ! I will be your Princess. Only if you’ll be my Prince.” Everyone couldn’t help but smile at that one. Everything was going on as if I was living a fairy tale. But somewhere deep down inside I knew, no one in life can have a fairytale. They all have an ending. I just hoped my fairytale wasn’t going to end anytime soon.

~~Author's note: Hey guys so if you're reading this I wanna thank you for reading my pathetic little fanfic , I was just looking for some feedback because I haven't gotten any. So if you could take the time and tell me how my fanfic is going I would really appreciate it ! Thanks, Kay Byeee(: Peace, Love & 1D <3' ~~

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