Love At Last

18-year old Janee' finds love with One Direction's Zayn Malik


3. Forever & Always


~~3 Months Later~~

Me and Zayn had been happier than ever! He was so sweet and loving, truly the best boyfriend ever. Even better it seemed that Breann & Niall were starting to fancy each other. "Babe! Come here!" "Yes Zayn?" Zayn pulled me in for a kiss. He was always doing things like that now, he was so romantic! "Get a ROOM you two! I'm trying to eat !!!!!!!!!!!!!" Niall screamed. We all cracked up. "Ni Ni don't be jealous cause you ain't getting none from Bree!" Niall blushed bright red. Breann threw a pillow at me. "Whaaaaaaa?!?!" "Shut up Janee'" "Ugh, Whatever Future Ms.Horan." I stuck my tongue out at her and Bree just blushed. Gosh me & Zayn HAD to get them together. Just then Louis walked in with Eleanor. "Guyssssss, Shut up! We have an announcement to make." I began giggling. Louis always went premadona with WHATEVER he did. "Elee tell them the news" Louis was practically bouncing up & down at this point! "Calm down Lou!" Eleanor said calmly. "Well what's all the big fuss about?" Harry said and like usual, he was being his "free" self. But lucky for me, Ele and Bree we had gotten used to his nude ways. "Alright already! I'm Pregnant!" Everyone started jumping, screaming and hugging. All excited for the new 1D member. "So Ele how far along are ya & do you know the sex?" "Well Jay, I'm 4 months along and. . Its a . . . . GIRL!" "And she WILL BE dressed fabulously!" Louis said with a smile on his face.

Zayn looked at me, I could tell he wanted to tell me something so I got up grabbed his hand and went to our bedroom. Our bedroom was plastered with photos. The once lime green walls were now just pictures of the guys(Bree and Eleanor included) and us. The only lime thing was our bedspread and lamp. "Zayn, Babe. . What did you wanna say? You had that look in your eyes again." "No. Its just you know how much I love kids." "Oh. So seeing Ele pregers made you want kids even more or something?" "Yeah kinda." I looked at him. He was father material. I just hoped he would propose so he could be the father to my kids. "Well Babe. I know you'll make a great daddy. One day." He smiled and kissed me one the corner of my lips. "You'll make a great mom too one day Love. But let's get back out there, the boys and I've gotta announcement to make ourselves." "Kay Babe. . Love you." "Forever and Always Janee' Forever and Always."

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