Love At Last

18-year old Janee' finds love with One Direction's Zayn Malik


2. Can I Get A Answer ? *Please Read--Authors Noteeeee(:*



*Hey guys, Jasmine here ! I just wanted to know how you guys are liking the story so far. I know its only two chapters but I would like some feed back ! Thanks, Kay Byeee(: Peace, Love & 1D <3' *

As soon as I got ready to speak, Breann & the guys burst through the doors. "Ummm. . Did we DISTURB something?"  Breann asked immediately winking at me. "Did they Janee' ?" Zayn gave me a puzzled look as if he were sending me a message of what he wanted me to say. "Uhhhh, Kinda." "YESSSSSSSS !" Niall screamed. "Dude, ever since you broke up with Perrie you've been a MESS! Thank GOODNESS you've moved on and got a new girl." Zayn gave Niall a look. "She's not my girl Niall, Yet" and with the last part he looked right into my eyes. "Well Janee' ?" What do ya wanna be. . mine?" I gave him a loving look and 3 seconds later we were in, yet another passionate kiss. "I'm taking that as a yes then." The Boys and Bree started cheering and ran over to give us hugs. The Boys all gave Zayn high-5's .His face was brighter than Christmas lights. Gosh, I loved this boy all ready.

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