Love At Last

18-year old Janee' finds love with One Direction's Zayn Malik


1. The Day We Met

One Direction had just finished the concert and my friend and I we’re backstage FREAKING OUT! “Oh my gosh, Janee’ we’re really gonna meet them!” my best friend Breann said to me. We had been friends since birth and we’re literally like the same person. “I know Bree! Omg! Here they come!” We both immediately started smiling like maniacs. In the blink of an eye, 1D had come up to us and told us to follow them to their dressing room. This had quickly started becoming the best day of my life. As we entered the room, I had the funny feeling that Zayn was staring at me and when Breann told me she thought the same thing, I KNEW it had to be true. “Gee, Zayn is totally checking you out Jay!” “I know Bree, I can’t stop blushing! Do you think he likes me?” “Duhhhh! He can’t take his eyes off of you! Plus you’re gorge’ anyways!” After 20 minutes of socializing with the boys, they decided to show us around the arena. But by the time I reached the door. . . Zayn pulled me back in. “Wait, Janee” “Yeah Zayn?” “Okay um, this may be a little awkward but. . .” “What is it?” “I think you’re beautiful” As soon as he said that my heart began to race the fastest it had ever raced before. “Well Zayn thanks, so are you. . . But why would you ever want a girl like me? I’m not like you’re exes!” “That’s why they’re called exes and plus, that’s what I like about you . . . You’re different” “But Zayn . . . I mean you’re so famous you could have any girl you want. . . Why me . . . I’m not even. . .” Before I finished my sentence Zayn had grabbed me and pulled me in for a deep passionate kiss. After the kiss we both we’re shaking. It was the best, most loving kiss I had ever had in my whole entire LIFETIME (Which is pretty short being that I’m ONLY 18). Zayn was looking deeply into my eyes and finally after sitting in silence Zayn spoke up. . “Now what we’re you saying love?”

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