Pup in Gloves

Pup in Gloves is about an adorable little puppy who is known for his curiosity and he is always mischevious. He comes along a narrow dark hallway with only one way in and one way out...


9. Whats this?

Chapter 9 – What’s this?

As I continue walking I see a huge castle much like the one on the other side of Chooto, but this one gloomier than ever it was a very dark, gloomy and gothic place with many guards surrounding it. I see the two guards wearing black with two swords crossing each other (just like in the other side).

I ask if I can enter and they reject me and prevent me from entering, but as I do this I can hear the echo of a scream in the back ground, then see a woman that looks exactly like the queen but yet so different, instead of wearing a black gown she was wearing a snowy white one with many velar, bright crystals in her tiara. She has tape across her mouth and her hands are hands are tied back with rope; I stare for a few seconds when suddenly the doors slam shut with the guards signaling me to leave at once.

I walk away with so many questions in my head. Why did she look just like the queen? Why was she tied up? Why was she in white in one of the darkest places on this planet?

As I act like I am walking away but being the mischievous puppy I am, I quickly run into a bunch of trees and hide behind them. I slowly crawl and crawl towards the open window and peek in, I see a the same lady wriggling and twisting, I have the choice of leaving her and getting freedom or I can help her but risk being in the same position, helping her it is.

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