Pup in Gloves

Pup in Gloves is about an adorable little puppy who is known for his curiosity and he is always mischevious. He comes along a narrow dark hallway with only one way in and one way out...


3. The Truth

Chapter 3 – The truth

As I get past the bright light it feels like I am in another dimension. I am spinning and swerving around like never before my stomach feels like it’s inside out and my body just going through a colourful place that looks a bit like a black hole only brighter. My eyes slowly fall shut and all has turned black.

I wake up not knowing where I am I feel drowsy but I don’t know why I am in this hammock like bed in an enclosed cottage with a small plate of colorful vegies next to me with glass of water. Then I hear an angelic voice singing by me, I haven’t heard anything like it before and I could listen to it all day “if I could fall into the sky, do u think time would pass me by? Cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles, if I could just see you...tonig...”

The voice had faded once it recognised I was awake. I looked to my left seeing a beautiful young girl that looked just like a human. She had ebony hair and tanned skin she was wearing a gorgeous dress that the wind from the window blew it to her side. “Who are you?” I asked dazzled, “I was just about to ask you the same question” she said with a little giggle. Well I’m lucky a 4 year old puppy, who are you?” “I am Layla, the 12 year old shape shifter.”

Wait; did she just say shape shifter? Doesn’t that mean she can turn the shape of her body into ANYTHING she wants! “Sh-shape shifter? I say hoping I was just hearing things, “yes, that means that my body can turn into any shape I want, many people are like this in the city of Chooto” “ I know what it is but I have never met one” I replied still confused about why I hadn’t heard about this Chooto place. “Well now you have” she replied with a smile on her face.



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