Pup in Gloves

Pup in Gloves is about an adorable little puppy who is known for his curiosity and he is always mischevious. He comes along a narrow dark hallway with only one way in and one way out...


8. The Other Side

Chapter 8- The Other Side

The next day I wake up, put on my gloves and slowly walk into Layla’s room. “Morning” I say “Hello” she says in a sleepy voice “I am just going to explore the area, I’ll be back soon” I quietly say “Ok, take care” she replies. Now that I have the Queens permission to leave the house, I can walk outside without worrying that Layla will be punished.

I step outside and start walking; I walk for about 20min then stop for a break. There is a brown bench that looked similar like the ones on earth, so I take a seat when suddenly I hear an “OW” so I jump back up. The seat moves and turns when it suddenly turns into a shape shifter. “I am so sort, I didn’t know you were a shape shifter.” “No problem I get mistaken for a chair all the time, anyway I have to go hope to see you around” he says before he shifts into a horse and gallops off.

I am aware of my surroundings now and not too sit on anything but the grass. As I continue on my journey I see another hill side but this time it isn’t laid with green grass, the birds aren’t chirping and the sky is no longer blue, more like a grey\black color. I probably shouldn’t enter here but curiosity got the better of me, so I look back at the warm welcoming side of Chooto hoping it won’t be the last time.

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