Pup in Gloves

Pup in Gloves is about an adorable little puppy who is known for his curiosity and he is always mischevious. He comes along a narrow dark hallway with only one way in and one way out...


12. Going Home

Chapter 12- Going home

That day, the Queen had given me a bravery award and had told me to visit any time, thanked me one more time then took me to the portal back to earth, I gave Layla one last hug and thanked her for all she had done for me. I stepped through and had the same experience as when I came in here.

I popped out back into the hallway and ran my fastest to tell father I was ok. “Father, Father, I’m ok!” papa looked at me in confusion, “why wouldn’t you be?” he replied, I looked at the calendar and saw it was July 30… I had only been gone for 4 days.

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