Kiddnaped by one dircetion

12 year old Bella had a hard life. Her mom left years ago and her dad is a drug dealer. One day a Louis finds out about her dad,and wants to protect her. One problem her dad will not let him take her so Louis and the lads kiddnaped Bella. Will she stay with them or run away.


14. zayn's anger

Bella's POV

I woke up to hear someone knocking on the bedroom door. Then I see liam walk in with a tray of food. "I brought you dinner." He said and put the tray on the side table. I didnt say anything but turned away from his face. "come on you have to eat sometime." He said. I stayed silent. He sighed and said "The boys are coming over, just so you know." And with that he left. I dont care if I starve to death it beats seeing louis. Then I hear the door bell ring. Then many hello's. Now the footsteps. The door swings open and I see louis. I just sit there with my knees against my chest. "whats wrong?" He asks. I dont answer him. "Come on, pease talk to me?" He says and moves right infront of me but I just turn away. I hate him, and im gonna escape no matter what happens. Louis left and was talking to someone. Then zayn came in an-wait zayn. oh no. im scared of him out of all the boys. He looks like he might hurt me but he hasnt.......yet. "Whats wrong?!" he asked me in an angry voice. I didnt answer him. "Hello im talking to you." he said but a bit more angrier but i still didnt answer him. "oi, answer me now, or else.!" He yelled but i didnt budge. Then he did the next thing possible.......... he slapped me. It hurt a lot and my left cheek is stinging. Then he just left......Feeling satisfied with his work.    

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