Kiddnaped by one dircetion

12 year old Bella had a hard life. Her mom left years ago and her dad is a drug dealer. One day a Louis finds out about her dad,and wants to protect her. One problem her dad will not let him take her so Louis and the lads kiddnaped Bella. Will she stay with them or run away.


11. Tied up

Louis left I put my head back and cryed. I hate crying because it makes me look weak and fragile So I stopped. I felt broken but I couldn't show that. I made a promise to myself. They can never see me cry again. Louis came back in. He had a shot in his hand he was filling it with a drug. OH-NO!! I screamed but the tape coved my mouth. He stared a me. I tried to get un tied but it was hopeless. He walked over and placed the needle on the night stand. "Shhhh....Bella its aright its okay." He whispered. He bent down and kissed my forehead. I kept fighting. He picked up the needle. He grabbed my arm and stuck the needle in my wrist. I felt the flued go through my veins. I looked at Louis as he did it. He pulled the needle out and looked at me. I began to whimper my body was numb. I couldn't move I stared at Louis. I felt dizzy every thing was fuzzy. I fell asleep. What did he do to me.

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