Kiddnaped by one dircetion

12 year old Bella had a hard life. Her mom left years ago and her dad is a drug dealer. One day a Louis finds out about her dad,and wants to protect her. One problem her dad will not let him take her so Louis and the lads kiddnaped Bella. Will she stay with them or run away.


8. The nightmare

Louis had told me to get some rest I did as he asked. Maybe if I do everything they tell me they won't hurt me. I didn't know I was dreaming because it had seemed so real. THE DREAM...... I was in a small room with Louis looking down at me his eyes where blood red. He looked mad and his fist where balled up. He punched me and I fell to the ground. He smiled and kicked me. He grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet. He shoved me against the wall and began punching me over and over. A bed showed up he threw me on it. He got on top of me and started undressing himself and me. I screamed I woke up to Louis shaking me. I was so scared I punched him I moved to a corner and saw the other boys helping Louis. His nose was bleeding a lot. I begin to cry and he just stared at me. What have I done now they will hurt me. Louis stood up a walked up to me. I stared shaking and crying harder. Louis slowly bent down next to me blood still coming down his nose. Instead of punching or slapping me. He hugged me? I hit my dad one time and he broke my nose and leg, but Louis just hugged me. "Its okay Bella" he wispered. "I'm sorry. Please don't hurt me" I said quickly. He looked at the other boys and they left. He then looked at me. He wipped his nose. He slowly picked me up he placed me on the bed. He laid next to me and kissed my forehead. He wrapped me in his arms and I rested my head on his chest. I didn't know what to think he seemed like he wouldn't hurt me. I've heard some dreams mean something. I am questioning myself one part of me is scared of him and the other half felt safe.

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