Star Born

A young girls life is changed one night when she escapes her house to look for a wolf she had promised her mom she would stay away from. When the wolf turns out to not be exactly what she expected, when she awakes up she thinks it was all just a nightmare. Until a week later... Now she is turned half wolf, had a new name, a new sister, mother, and everything. Along with a new age. In one night her heritage caught up with her, turning her 16, and changing her forever. But throw in a Hybrid who has the ability to bring out the worst yet best in her and there will be fights breaking out left and right. With only one person able to calm her, who is her own sister, and even get sister can barely ever stop her, how will any of them be safe?


3. The Wise and The Warrior

         "Amaryth?" Felocity whispered, her wolf features turning back human. I nodded.
         "Ferocity?" I whispered back. We stated at each other and a smile creeped onto our faces, I have to admit, we looked kinda creepy. That's when I realized I felt different, I felt... Older. Oh. My. God.
           I looked down at myself and realized I was no longer 7. I was 16. I looked up at her and noticed she had aged also, and was just as surprised at me. I glanced around us. We were in the same place, same time, but we were both 16. We even thought like 
sixteen-year-olds. We looked at eachother and smiled. We looked at the door and I thought back. The memory was a little fuzzy, but I remembered the man putting in a small code. It was...
         "F3RAL" I said, but I had no idea where the code came from. We looked at eachother and nodded. I transformed into my wolf, feeling my bones shift, changing, reshaping, into a new form. The form of a wolf. I was a midnight color with auburn streaks and an auburn muzzle. Ferocity walked up to the keypad, typing in the code, and the door popped out slightly, so she could open it. She silently slid it open, and we walked out. I looked up at me other half, and felt something in my mind. I looked at her and noticed she looked nervous, and was looking at me. I growled slightly, allowing her to know that it would be fine. She hesitated but nodded, shifting to her Canis Lupus form. We stalked down a long hallway, everything was pure walls, just plain white walls, as far as we could see. White. Just. White. Everything. Was. White. I looked at Ferocity, mentally laughing, when I felt something pierce my neck. I felt a warm, numbing feeling spread through my body just as we saw a glass door, with a forest by it. Ferocity glanced hopelessly at me, fear overcoming her. I looked at her and saw her turn into a two legged, and grab me. 
              She picked me up just as I felt my legs collapse, and carried my limp form out the door, escaping into the forest. I felt the numbness in my body change to sleepiness as I felt my eyes get heavy and threaten to close. I looked up at Ferocity as she struggled to carry my heavy form. 
            Finally we stopped, and she collapsed on the ground. She scooted over to me and took out the thing on my neck, pulling out a shot. She injected the stuff in the place where the two legged thing used to be. I felt energy spread through my body, and with it, hunger. I looked at the strange two legged in front of me, and began to crouch, ready to pounce on it. I let a growl rip through my throat as I stalked up to my prey. 
           It looked at me and did something I had never seen a two legged do. It growled at me. It growled, exposing large fangs, and it's eyes turned the color of mine. I returned the growl and the two legged shifted into the form of my people!
         We circled each other and I was about to attack when my alpha showed. She stalked up to us, growling, and snapped at us both. I looked up at her, and whimpered.
        "Ferocity, Amaryth, my Children. You dare fight! You were both captured, discovered. You are special. The two legged will stop at nothing to get you back! Stop acting like pups! You are sisters! Act like it!" Amaryana snapped. Me and ferocity whimpered, cowering with each other. I leaned over and licked her ear, apologizing. She looked up at me and licked my muzzle, In a sign of submission. I looked down at her and she smiled, growling playfully. We both looked at Anaryana, and she nodded at us, smiling also. We walked up to her, following her off into the forest. As we walked aimlessly me and Ferocity nipped at eachother playfully.
          Finally we came to a stop, and there was another wolf I front of us. He lowered himself to the ground, growling territorially. I instinctively did the same, while the others stared at me. Ferocity whined at me, trying to get me to stop. I snapped at her, and she cowered beside Amaryana. The alpha did nothing to stop me, just watched with curious eyes.
            I stalked toward the wolf, and we circled each other. He was about to make the first move, I observed a I saw his back legs begin to tense up. Just as he pounced I moved, when he was beside me I bit his side, flipping him over and pinning him. Still pinning him by biting his side, I used my back claws to destroy the soft exposed belly. He howled in pain and I jumped up, biting his throat, efficiently stopping his breathing. I stepped back, still growling and on alert. When I realized what just happened. I killed an innocent wolf, who was just protecting his territory. 
      "Amaryth. You are strong, but when you fight, you lose your conscious. You need to let Ferocity intervene if you wish to be who you want to be. You are two halves of a whole, Ferocity the wise, Amaryth the warrior. The ones of the prophecy have returned." Amaryana whispered the last part, and I barely caught it. I smiled at Felocity. My sister. My prophesied sister.
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