Star Born

A young girls life is changed one night when she escapes her house to look for a wolf she had promised her mom she would stay away from. When the wolf turns out to not be exactly what she expected, when she awakes up she thinks it was all just a nightmare. Until a week later... Now she is turned half wolf, had a new name, a new sister, mother, and everything. Along with a new age. In one night her heritage caught up with her, turning her 16, and changing her forever. But throw in a Hybrid who has the ability to bring out the worst yet best in her and there will be fights breaking out left and right. With only one person able to calm her, who is her own sister, and even get sister can barely ever stop her, how will any of them be safe?


4. Star born Sisters

        "We need to get out of here Amaryth! I'm the wisest of us both, and trust me, we need to Leave!" Ferocity growled. I ignored her and continued to stalk through the forest. Finally I spotted a herd of deer.
        I stalked forward slowly, keeping silent and invisible. I looked at Ferocity and an unspoken communication went between us. I cut off to the left of the herd, her to the right. We ran up to the herd, maneuvering so we cut a elder from the herd. I ran up behind it, jumping and clamping my jaws down on its neck. I crushed the neck easily, while using my claws to tear at the flesh. I felt the elder collapse under ms and continued to tear at it. I felt myself lose control and the lust to kill take over. 
       I heard a wolf snap at me and turned to see a invader glaring at me. I lowered myself and growled, getting angry at this strange wolf. It looked at me and snapped again, making me snap out of my haze. I looked a Ferocity, who I had almost attacked a moment ago, and back at the torn up piece of meat that could hardly be called a deer, or a animal in general. 
        "sorry." I mumbled, looking at the deer. Ferocity sighed, licking my ear. 
         "The warrior and the wise huh? Well, they got the warrior part right so far." she whispered. She tugged at me lightly, pulling me along back to Amaryana, who I had left behind when I had smelt the deer. 
         When we reached Amaryana she was talking to a young wolf. He was about my size, with grey fur and green eyes. I instinctively began to growl. He turned to look at me, and I heard Ferocity growl slightly behind me.
        "Amaryth! Behave sister! Keep the warrior under control!" she snapped. I growled at her slightly but stopped growling at the wolf.
       "As always, the Wise one is correct warrior. You must control the warrior inside yourself. Keep your conscious close." The wolf said. Amaryana looked at us, an amused look in her eyes.
      "I'm sure you must be wondering why you aged so significantly." she said, amused. 
     It had totally slipped both me and Ferocities minds. We had aged, so far that we were now 16. We nodded quickly.
         "well, when you two saw eachother, it awakened the prophecy. You two are star borne, which means you were both borne when a star was borne, and you were borne as twins. But when it was discovered you were of the prophecy, you were taken and killed, but you were reincarnated as two legged, and placed in different families. I saw Amaryth that night, and I knew it was you because, I-I..." Amaryana trailed off. "I was your mother in your first life. You were k-killed at the age of sixteen, and when you saw eachother, it awakened your incarnate." She whimpered, almost as if it pained her to speak. 
       We both stared at her, completely caught unaware. It explained the resemblance between us three... I stared at Anaryana with a new understanding. She was my mother. And so that meant... I-I was borne to be a wolf. 
        "Well, that explains a lot. I-I always wanted a mom." Ferocity whispered. She looked at me, and sadness filled her eyes. She shifted into a two legged and sat down. She started sobbing and I shifted also. I felt my bones slide into a form that wads way less natural to be in, and sat beside her. I hugged her close and Amaryana, who I didn't want to call mom until we were closer, came up to us, rubbing against us both. 
        She gave us a look that said, "I'm so sorry", and whined a low, mourning howl. The other wolf, who was still a stranger even though we had been here fifteen minutes at the most, came up to her and licked her muzzle comfortingly. She looked up at him with sadness in her eyes. 
        I looked back at Ferocity, who was quieting a little, and looked like she was halfway asleep, curled up against me. I decided to follow her example and I curled up, quickly falling asleep also. Thankfully I had no dreams or nightmares that night. Thankfully. 
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