Star Born

A young girls life is changed one night when she escapes her house to look for a wolf she had promised her mom she would stay away from. When the wolf turns out to not be exactly what she expected, when she awakes up she thinks it was all just a nightmare. Until a week later... Now she is turned half wolf, had a new name, a new sister, mother, and everything. Along with a new age. In one night her heritage caught up with her, turning her 16, and changing her forever. But throw in a Hybrid who has the ability to bring out the worst yet best in her and there will be fights breaking out left and right. With only one person able to calm her, who is her own sister, and even get sister can barely ever stop her, how will any of them be safe?


2. Partners

    "Grey!" The two legged said. I didn't understand what they were trying to say. It sounded so weird. I pressed my stomach to the ground and stalked forward, growling. The two legged stared at me with wide eyes.
      "Little one! Come!" Amaryana commanded me. I swung around and snarled at her. She growled and I was about to attack her when there was a cord wrapped around my neck. I immediately tried to snap at it, but I was dragged back. Amaryana glanced inbetween me and something behind me. I knew it was danger. I glared at her.
     "Go! I will see you again!" I barked sharply. She took a step backwards, hesitating, but soon turned and shot off. I struggled once more and everything went blank. 
            " Idiot girl. It was a Canis Lupus. According to the mother, the girl must have snuck out to meet the Canis Lupus. It must have merged. It seems the wolf went far enough to expose its name. It has claimed her, made her half wolf. We can use her. Be warned, she is unusually strong. It should have taken months for the change to happen, for the wolf to return and officially claim her. Stay cautious. Break her." the man said. I stayed still as I listened to the unknown man talk. I didn't understand any of this, but still. I felt like if I exposed I was awake, the man would do something bad. Bad man. I drifted back into unconsciousness with Amaryana's voice in my head.
     'Stay Strong young one... My little Amaryth.' my new name... Amaryth... I like it.
          "Get up, demon. Your going to meet your new... Friend." the bad man said. I glanced up at him, terrified. I looked down at my feet and messed with my hands nervously. The man roughly shoved me into a room, locking the door.
          I looked around me, at the plain room. It had two beds, a white carpet, white walls, white everything. No windows, and no other door as far as I could tell. I turned around to look at the door, only to find a blank wall with a small keypad on it. 
      A noise caught my attention and I noticed a lump in the blanket on the bed. I walked over to it and heard a low growl. I backed up quickly, cowering against the bed. 
            I saw a blur of black come from the white blanket and I was shoved against the wall, my head banging against the wall. I looked up into a pair of ice blue eyes. I felt my canines lengthen and bared then in a growl, my normally green eyes flashing sapphire. 
          I looked at the girl that stood in front of me, about my age, she had long black hair, ice blue eyes, and bared gangs just like mine. She looked kinda like me, but I had green eyes instead. I also had long black hair though. She snarled at me, her eyes flashing a sapphire.
          I stood up and we stared at each other, each of us the same height. She growled at me and took a step forward. I snapped at her, sawing a shocked look cross her face. A name popped in my head. Ferocity. My Canis Lupus Other half, you could call her. We were both made by Amaryana. I don't know how I knew it. I just felt it. She was my sister. My partner in crime. She would help me escape, and we would find Amaryana together.
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