Star Born

A young girls life is changed one night when she escapes her house to look for a wolf she had promised her mom she would stay away from. When the wolf turns out to not be exactly what she expected, when she awakes up she thinks it was all just a nightmare. Until a week later... Now she is turned half wolf, had a new name, a new sister, mother, and everything. Along with a new age. In one night her heritage caught up with her, turning her 16, and changing her forever. But throw in a Hybrid who has the ability to bring out the worst yet best in her and there will be fights breaking out left and right. With only one person able to calm her, who is her own sister, and even get sister can barely ever stop her, how will any of them be safe?


7. Losing control

       "I'll kill it! Im going to kill it!" I howled. I stalked toward it as it screamed some stuff at me that I didn't understand. I felt Lycaon trying to restrain me but every time he touched me I snapped at him. 
          In the back of my mind I heard Ferocity growling at me to stop, but I couldn't fight the warrior any longer. 
          The next couple of minutes all I saw was blackness and all I heard was snarling, whining, and screaming. No matter how hard I fought I couldn't control my body, the warrior had control. 
           When I got control I looked around, but everything was a blurry haze I didn't understand anything. I had a horrible ringing in my ear and It was making my have a huge migraine. I let out a low whimper and everything went black.
            "Amaryana! Amaryana! Amaryth got- She got-" Ferocity was cut off by a sob. I fought to open my eyes but I couldn't focus with the binding pain In my chest. I felt myself be taken by darkness once more.
            "I need... Help her.... Pack..." Amaryana's words were drowned in the ringing of my ears. The pain in my shoulder flared up as I tried to move. I felt a warm wrist be shoved up to my mouth. I tried to move but as I twitched my arm the pain was too much and I blacked out once more.
           When I woke up once more my arm was bandaged but still hurting terribly. 
           "Come on! You need pack blood! Drink Amaryth! You can't die on me! YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE TGE WARRIOR!" Ferocity sobbed, get human wrist pressed up to my mouth. I opened my eyes slowly, looking up at her sobbing face. She was staring at me, her cheeks red and puffy from crying. I noticed we were in the forest, and no-one was around. 
             "It hurts." I whimpered, and noticed at one point I had switched to human form. Hmm.
             "Amaryth! You-You need to drink. Y-You will heal." she sobbed. I nodded slightly, and felt my canines lengthen. 
              My eyes turned black as I let a bit of my wolf show, and slid my canines smoothly into her soft skin. She gasped and I felt her metallic blood fill my mouth. I lifted my hands, grasping her wrist to my mouth as she struggled to get out of my grip. I gulped down the blood, and Ferocity struggled to get out of my grip,  jerking her hand.
           "okay, Amaryth, sis, that's enough..." she whispered weakly. I struggled against myself, finally letting go of her wrist. I gasped as I let go, feeling the pain in my shoulder dull.
            "S-Sorry sis." I sobbed. I lifted my hand to my mouth, dulling my sob. I jumped up quickly, my body blurring in the movement, and I backed up slightly, shaking my head. I bumped into someone and turned to see Lycaon standing behing me, staring sympathetically. I looked at them both, and took off running away from them. I ran past many trees but didn't pay attention to where I was heading... Until I came face to face with a big white building with big glass doors leading into a pure white hallway. 
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