Star Born

A young girls life is changed one night when she escapes her house to look for a wolf she had promised her mom she would stay away from. When the wolf turns out to not be exactly what she expected, when she awakes up she thinks it was all just a nightmare. Until a week later... Now she is turned half wolf, had a new name, a new sister, mother, and everything. Along with a new age. In one night her heritage caught up with her, turning her 16, and changing her forever. But throw in a Hybrid who has the ability to bring out the worst yet best in her and there will be fights breaking out left and right. With only one person able to calm her, who is her own sister, and even get sister can barely ever stop her, how will any of them be safe?


1. Amaryana

I don't know how I learned her name, it was just In my mind. I just knew it. Amaryana. The name echoed in my brain softly as I felt myself droit into darkness. Mommy was right. I shouldve stayed away. I dont know why this happened. I'm only seven years old. Why. I shouldve stayed away

    "Mommy! Mommy! Look!" I screamed at mommy as she walked in.
     "Yes, Baby?" mommy asked as she walked in. I smiled eagerly and pointed to the woods outside our house.
     "It's a doggy!" I squealed. Mommy looked outside and froze. She took my hand and pulled me away from the window.
     "You stay away from those doggies okay baby? They are mean." she said sternly. I poured at her but she stayed serious. "Grey Pierce, Do you understand?" she asked sternly, using my full name. I nodded, glancing back at the doggy. It was so pretty, with tan-streaked black fur, and sapphire eyes that were staring straight at me.
     "I will see you again." I whispered, and the doggy nodded as of it heard me.
     "Doggy?" I whispered, stepping outside. I looked for the doggy who I had seen in my dreams every night. I saw a tan ear and smiled. "DOGGY!" I squealed with excitement. I saw a head turn towards me, it's piercing sapphire eyes staring into mine. It lowered its head, a weird noise coming from it. "D-Doggy?" I whispered. It lunged for me and I screamed.

      I woke up the next morning feeling more alive than ever, and in my bed. It must have been a dream, doggy could t be that mean. Amaryana couldn't be than mean, she was sweet, and so graceful, and so... Feral.


    "MOMMY!! Eek, mommy, mommy stop!" I gasped as she tickled me. Eventually she sat back and looked up at the moon. Just then I heard a noise. It came from the trees, and I turned toward it. I saw the Doggy standing there, the sapphire eyes luring me closer. I started to get up but mommy grabbed my hand.
      "Grey, where are you going?" she asked concerned. I looked at Amaryana and back at her. She looked at Amaryana and her eyes widened. I started walking towards the doggy, Amaryana, but mommy stopped me. I turned toward her, starting to get mad.
    "AMARYANA!" I screamed, and Amaryana took a step toward me. My mom jerked me away from my little doggy and I glared at her. I started getting angry, and I felt a slight tickling at the top of my head. I got a pain in my fingers and when I looked at them my finger nails were sharpening so they looked like Amaryana's. I glanced up at mommy.
     "Grey! What's happening to you!" she screamed, crying. I felt fear wash through me.
    "Mommy!" I screamed, watching her pained expression. I felt pain shake my body as an uncontrollable anger washed through me, and a lust to kill took over. Mommy had a look of horror and fear on her face as tears streamed down her face. I felt all my bones shifting, breaking, and re-shaping. By body shifted as I fell on four paws. I looked up at the two legged who stood in front of me and bared my fangs, a growl ripping through my throught.
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