What a surprise!

Esther 17, Carmella 19, Stella 18, Lela 17, and Megan 18 are all best friends. They all went to Stella's to sleep over and as always they chat about 1D and read magazines about them. Then they saw a contest thing. Something amazing happens to these girls. What happens to them? read and find out! enjoy!<3


3. the end sorry

ok, as you see we having been up here in a long time and that means that we are not going to finsh this story. we thought it was a waste of time even writting it and plus we are busy.  we have school, soccer practice and family things. I have no clue why we even started it. we will not be using this account anymore:(  if you guys have a instagram you guys should follow us @two_awkward_fanigrls ! 

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