What a surprise!

Esther 17, Carmella 19, Stella 18, Lela 17, and Megan 18 are all best friends. They all went to Stella's to sleep over and as always they chat about 1D and read magazines about them. Then they saw a contest thing. Something amazing happens to these girls. What happens to them? read and find out! enjoy!<3


2. spring break plans

 Beep! Beep! BBBBBBBLLLLLLEEEEEEEPPPP! (alarm clock going off)

"Ugh, school, why cant u end already?" lela said 

"Mrs.Payne is calling!"my phone said Esther probably changed the ringtone

"Hello Mrs.Styles are u ready for school?" Esther asked me


"ok ill be at ur house in a few"

"ok, wait did u change my ringtone when u call me?"

"maybe, bye stryles"

"ok, haha bye payne" 

knock.. knock,

"come in payne , haha thats what u give me"

"what do i give u?" Esther said while looking in my fridge 

"Pain haha"i said cracking up

"Haha so funny... lets go"eshter said 

"im coming im coming hold on"  i said trying to get my shoes on

"Hey, can this yogart that's in your fridge?" esther asked me

"Ya, sure i dont care"

"Ok, lets go" 

"Hey, you realize that spring break is coming up, we should call Stella,Carmella, and Megan to see if they can come visit

"OMG! good idea Est.,good cause we havent seen them in so long."

"well if they didnt move to london and stayed here with us, then we dont have to spend money for getting a plane ticket and get tickets for 1D instead."

"true, but its nice over there and plus 4/5 boys from 1D live in UK!"

"i know, but we're not flyig this time cause we did last time so they have to come and see us."

"true, hold on"

"ugh, why everytime we walk this way to school you always stop here and look at that guy over there?"

"i feel like i know him from somewhere"

"ur crazy, i hope you know that" 

"yes, i do know"

"hahaha good, ok let call stell at lunch" 

"ok, see you at lunch" 

"ok,bye styles"

"bye payne"

                          5 hours later...

"hey styles, lets call them"




"hey gurl, i havent seen you in a long time"

"i know rigtht, esther said hi"

 "tell her i said hey"

"Esther and  i were wonderng since we have no school for 2 weeks cause of  spring break, if Carmella, you and Mgean can come visit?"

"Um, Carmella and megan have to work and i have to go to three fashion show, so is it ok if you guys can come again and we will visit you guys twice"

"um ok let me ask esther"

"hey, est. is it okay if we go over ther and they will visit of to times instead of one" 

"okay, im fine with that"

"she said ok, and tell carmella and megan hi for us" 

"ok, but i have to go to work in a few so i would talk to you later. Bye styles and Payne hahaha esther told me our nicknames now"

"haha ok, bye Horan!"



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