What a surprise!

Esther 17, Carmella 19, Stella 18, Lela 17, and Megan 18 are all best friends. They all went to Stella's to sleep over and as always they chat about 1D and read magazines about them. Then they saw a contest thing. Something amazing happens to these girls. What happens to them? read and find out! enjoy!<3


1. about us five!

Esther:long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, her favorite 1D guy is Liam, a bit shy with boys,she's very smart, 



Stella:loves Niall, eye color; blue with a little bit of green, long blonde hair with some brown highlights, eats 24/7 and never get fat always skinny

Carmella:loves louis, the oldest out of the others, eye color;blue, medium brunette hair,love to make people laugh when something is wrong

Megan:loves Zayn, eye color;brown,brunette with a little blonde highlights,loves looking at her self, loves to go shopping

Lela;loves harry,eye color; hazel, long brunette with red tips,funny, her friends call her a weirdo, love to sing and play piano

{author part: sorry this was a really short chap.}



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