Love only happens once.

Just because it seems like you've been in love so many times, doesnt mean you have been. Arianna has had so many heart breaks. But it's not until she meets Niall horan that everything turns out right. Through the ups and downs, she learns love only happens once.


2. Chapter two.

I lay in bed my body erupts with pain when I move. Erik is asleep on the couch and I'm so happy for that. As a tear rolls down my cheek I can hear his voice in my head. "your so weak and pathetic. Your lucky you have me, no one could ever love you, you pathetic shit." another tear slips down my face and I quickly wipe it away. I can't stay hear anymore. I quickly pack a bag filling it with all the clothes I can. I have to move slowly or I think I might pass out from all the pain. I walk quietly to the kitchen and grab my bag and keys. I shuffle quickly out the door and run as fast as I can down the stairs to my car, trying not to cry from the pain. My pants begin to vibrate and I look down in confusion. I pull out the phone I grabbed at the store. I had forgotten about it. Someone named Zayn is calling? I decided to answer. Maybe I can get rid of it. "hello?" I answer. "oh thanks god! Niall someone answered." they yell. Suddenly there's a different voice. They have a thick Irish accent. "who's this?" they ask. "arianna, I found this phone in target after some blonde guy knocked me down." "That blonde guys was me, and it's my phone." he laughs. He's got a really nice laugh. "Oksy, well can we meet some where so you can take it back?" I say as I arrive at my car. I look up and notice Erik's light is on. Oh no. " yeah, how about," "your house." I cut him off. "what?" "well I'm in a hurry and don't have much time to discuss a place so what's your address?" I say quickly. I load my stuff and get in the car. I can see Eriks shadow passing across the window multiple times. No doubt wondering where I am. As the blonde guy tells me his address I hang up and drive. Not looking back at the awful place I just left.

I arrive at the house with 5 missed calls from Erik and 5 voicemails. Probably very threatening voice mails. I get out and knock on the door. A minute later the door opens, I'm greeted by a very cute guy with a British accent and very curly hair. He introduces himself as Harry styles, and leads me inside. It was kinda strange because when he told me his name he seemed like he expected me to like freak out? And when I didnt, he gave me a very strange look like I was different. We walked into the living room and was greeted by 4 other guys, who introduced themselves as, Louis,Liam, Zayn, and Niall. Niall was indeed the guy who knocked me down. Bright blue eyes, and blonde hair that's turning brown at the roots. " here's your phone." I say not being able to stop looking at Niall. "ah, thanks love." he smiles. He has a gorgeous smile, oh my gosh. My phone begins ringing and without thinking, I mistakingly answer. "hello?" I answer. "Arianna! Where are you? Get back right now!" he yells so loud, based on the looks on the guys faces they can hear him. I quickly hang up embarrassed. "I, I have to go." I mutter. "wait!" Niall says. He grabs my arm and pulls my face back. He looks at my body in horror, I look down and realize I'm covered in brusies. "you didn't have these before.. " Niall whispers to me. "what happened?" "nothing." I say pushing the hair out of my face. "did he do this?" he says pointing to my phone. I nod softly and feel the tears well up in my eyes. "come with me." he says pulling me into the back. His touch has been giving me tingles and I'm not sure how long it will last. Because once Erik finds me, I'm pretty sure my life is over.

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