Love only happens once.

Just because it seems like you've been in love so many times, doesnt mean you have been. Arianna has had so many heart breaks. But it's not until she meets Niall horan that everything turns out right. Through the ups and downs, she learns love only happens once.


3. Chapter three.

Niall lead me to one of the bedrooms which based on how he knew where everything was, Im guessing it was his. He grabbed some sweats and a t-shirt, handed them to me and told me to go change in the bathroom. I cautiously walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind me and locking it like always. It's the only escape I could get from erik on the days he wouldn't let me leave the house. After changing I made the mistake of looking in the mirror. Brusies were spotted on my face and neck. My lip was busted and had dry blood dripping from it. I grabbed a wash cloth and quickly wipped it away. I'm such a mess. I sighed knowing my appearance wasn't getting any better. I walked out of the bathroom looking for Niall. I found him sitting on the bed. "Niall?" I say with a slight confused smile. He turns to look at me. I immediantly run back to the safety of the bathroom. I move to the farthest corner and bundle up in the corner. What did I do? I ask myself as warm tears spring to my eyes. All I could see when I tightly closed my eyes was the anger etched on his face. His fist clenched around a device I didn't recognize. Erik always gave me that look before he started the beatings. A loud bang brought me back to the present. My eyes popped open thinking I was going to get hurt. But the bathroom door was still closed I got up and slowly walked to the door. Peeking out carefully I scan the room. Sitting on the floor was Niall with his head in his hands. I noticed his left hand had cuts and was starting to bleed a little. Scanning the rest of the room I found the wall across from Niall had a huge hole in it. Niall looks up at me and I quickly retreat into the bathroom again.
A few seconds later I hear a soft knock at the door. "Arianna." says a thick Irish voice. "pease open the door." he pleads. I sit on the counter thinking over my options. let him in and face whats about to go down? or stay in this bathroom until he falls asleep. Theres a soft thud on the door on the door. "Arianna, please." he whispers. I slowly get up from the counter and place my hand on the cold doorknob. I twist it softly and open it just a crack. He had had his head resting on the door. He looks up at me with those hypnotic blue eyes. He offers me a small smile and I open thedoor a little more in return. His eyes showing an emotion ive never seen anyone show. Slightly glassy, with a tinge of red around them. He looks like hes been crying but why? "Arianna.... Im so sorry." He says softly. Three words. three very little words, thats how much it takes to steal my breath and stop my heart. Three words Ive never had said to me.
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