Love only happens once.

Just because it seems like you've been in love so many times, doesnt mean you have been. Arianna has had so many heart breaks. But it's not until she meets Niall horan that everything turns out right. Through the ups and downs, she learns love only happens once.


10. Chapter ten.

It was about ten at night when I got to Harry's house. I sat in my car thinking about everything that just happened. Tears spilled down the side of my cheek. How could he do that to me? To us? Should I go back to his house and talk it out? No. I need space and time. I wiped my tears away and got out of the car. i was about to close me door when a car pulled into the drive way. The windows were blacked out and they didn't get out. I squinted at the car and looked back at Harry's house.I closed my door and walked up to the door, looking at the car a few times. They had made no attempt to turn off the car or to get out. So weird. I knocked on the door. Harry opened the door and smiled at me. "Hey." He smiled. "Hey, were you expecting someone?" I asked. "No? Why?" I pointed to the car in his drive way and a confused look crept on his face. He stepped outside and started walking to the car. I stayed by the door. As he was about to knock on the window the door flung open and hit him hard in the head. I let out a gasp and started towards him. But I stopped dead in my tracks when the guy got out. His brown hair spilled into his crazy eyes. He stepped closer and I ran back towards the house. Erik caught up to me and grabbed my wrist. "HELP!" I yelled. But he slapped his hand across my mouth to quiet me. "Shut up." He said. I continued to scream into his hand and I kept wiggling my body hoping to loosen his grip. It must not be my lucky day, It didnt work. He threw me into the back of his car and slammed the door. I tried opening the door but it was locked. Desperately searching for a way out I started banging on the window. "HARRY!!! HELP!!" I yelled. Erik got into the car and slammed the door. Just before he pulled out onto the road I saw Harry move. "HARRY!!" I yelled again. with noticeable pain, I saw him raise his head and look around. His eyes got wide when his eyes found my in the back of the car pounding on the window. "ARIANNA!!" That was the last thing I heard before Erik put a cloth over my mouth and nose. I fell into the seat and blacked out.

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