Love only happens once.

Just because it seems like you've been in love so many times, doesnt mean you have been. Arianna has had so many heart breaks. But it's not until she meets Niall horan that everything turns out right. Through the ups and downs, she learns love only happens once.


1. Chapter one.

"Arianna!!" James yelled. Oh god. What is he mad about now..? James barges in the room and I cower in the corner of the bed. "What did I tell you!?" he yelled "I don't know what your talking about?" I whisper into the pillow I was clutching. His face got red with anger. I knew what would happen next. But for your sake.. I'm going to skip the details. I thought I loved this guy. I thought I loved lots of guys. And it turns out, I didn't. I dont even know what love is yet. But like every other girl, I'm waiting for that one guy, that will change my life forever.

"Can I help you?" a large sales women asked. "Just browsing." I smile politely. She walks off clearly not wanting her job here at target. I stand there browsing the jewelry wishing I could afford something real. This cheap stuff is great don't get me wrong, but haven't you ever want a real diamond necklace that sparkles in the light, and have people starring wishing they had something like that? Well maybe that's just me but what can I say? I like when I'm different. I sigh and head over to the clothes section not really paying attention as I walk. Suddenly out of now where I'm knocked to the ground with this blonde haired blue eyed guy on top of me. "Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry." he said helping me up. "ow." I say putting my hand to my head, I notice a phone on the ground and bend down to grab it. When I look up the blonde haired guy is gone and a mob of girls are running straight at me. I quickly run to the clothes where I cling to a rack as the crazy mob of girls run by screaming and yelling. Did I miss something? I thought to myself. I look around for the blonde but he's no where to be seen. I look down at the strangers iphone in my hand. Definitely better then my boring old flip phone. I would have better if my bf didn't take all my money every month.
I put the phone in my pocket and look around at the clothes. As I'm trying on a pair of skinny jeans my phone starts ringing. I check the screen. "oh great.." I mutter. "Hello?" I answer. "Where are you?" I roll my eyes, he's obviously drunk. " I'm shopping." I tell him. "Oh, with my money?" he says in an angry tone. "No my money that I earned." oh I shouldn't have said that. "Get home, now." he says. I hang up and take off the jeans. I decided to get them so once I pay I head out to my car and begin to drive home. Once I get there I'm scared to go inside. I know what will happen yet If I don't, it will just be worse. I open the door quietly and walk in. Immediately I'm struck by the strong smell of smoke and alcohol. Told you he was drunk, I sigh. I closes the door and set my keys and purse on the counter. "Erik?" I say softly. "Arianna!!" he yells loudly stomping into the kitchen. "Where were you?" he yells grabbing my arm. "I told you I was shopping." I answer softly trying to pull my arm away. But when I do he tightens his grip. "What have I told you about spending money?" he says looking me directly in the eye. I look away. I'm not going to give in to him. "Arianna!!" he says jerking my face back. "What have I told you." I refuse to answer him. I look away again. A sharp pain erupts in my cheek. I grab my cheek and look at him. I should have answered...
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