Love only happens once.

Just because it seems like you've been in love so many times, doesnt mean you have been. Arianna has had so many heart breaks. But it's not until she meets Niall horan that everything turns out right. Through the ups and downs, she learns love only happens once.


9. chapter nine.

That night I was snuggling with Niall on the couch. I really had missed him. although we wernt really official. I felt as though we didnt need to say we were dating. It just happened. We always were spending more and more time together, unless he has an iinterview. When the movie ended some commercials aired, then a late night pop star news came on. Niall groaned and I giggled. He went to change the channle. "NO!" I smiled. " I wanna watch this." He shook his head and snuggled into me. Win! I kissed his cheek and watched as the news reported talked. "Has Niall found someone while on the 'Take me home' tour? Pictures popped on the screen and as I moved forward in my seat I slid out of Niall's embrace. Pictures of niall kissing and having coffee with some girl. Tears started forming in my eyes. I turn to look at Niall. He was starring at the t.v. with wide eyes and his mouth hanging open. "Niall?" I asked softly, my voice breaking. "Arianna.." He started. A tear slid down my cheek and I didnt bother to wipe it away. I turned away and lokoked down at the ground in disbelief. I know we never made it official, but I thought we were together. WIth all the late night conversations, the stolen kisses and the given kisses. I slowly got to my feet and went to my room. numbly I stumbled around packing a bag to leave. I couldnt stay here. I would go to Harry's. He's the other person I can go to other than Niall and tell all my secrets to. He also knows how i feel about Niall. Just as I finished packing I walked towards the door and got stopped by Niall. "Arianna... she was just a friend." He told me. "You kiss your friends on the lips?" I looked at him. His eyes were a little watery and his hair was slightly tousled. "Well she was a close friend." He shruged. A tear escaped my eyes again and Niall went to wipe it away. But instead I walked past him and he followed me. I went to the front door and turned to face NIall who now had tear stains down his cheeks. "Im going to Harry's." I stated. "No, Arianna.." He whispered reaching out to me but I backed away. "Please just give me time." I said with a shaky voice. And with that I turned and got in my car and drove away.
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