Love only happens once.

Just because it seems like you've been in love so many times, doesnt mean you have been. Arianna has had so many heart breaks. But it's not until she meets Niall horan that everything turns out right. Through the ups and downs, she learns love only happens once.


14. chapter 14

My eyes widened at Erik. Was he who kidnapped me? "Hi baby." He smiled. I stayed quite. "Oh come come now babe. Don't be shy." He said sliding his arm around my shoulders. I tried my hardest not to shudder under his touch. "You see babe. I couldn't stand it when you left. My heart hurt and my eyes could not stop crying."He said. I looked up at him. What?... Suddenly his loud laughter burst through the quiet room. I jumped a little and realized what he did. I looked down at the floor again. "You wish babe." He said with a wink. Truth is, I did wish he meant what he said. He used to be really sweet. But then he started drinking.. Everything went down hill from there. Everything. I stood up and he watched me with interest. "Its been lovely." I lied. "But i must be going now." I said turning away. "Arianna." He said calmly. I ignored him and kept walking. "ARIANNA!" He yelled this time. This time I stopped. You don't mess with Erik when he's angry. "Come sit down. After all I bought you that dress." He smiled evilly. Suddenly everything clicked. He's the one who kidnapped me.  He took me from Harry. "You kidnapped me." I said looking at him stunned. He just nodded. "Why?" I asked. "Because you're mine." was all he said.

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