I Never Wanna Say Goodbye...

I've always wanted to be with a guy that would care and love me because of who I am...
Maddie is a 16 year old girl that thinks she has no life at all...she cuts to solve her problems and can't stop.one night she goes to a club just to get drunk, she gets so drunk she can't even see anything. Her vesion was blur and she could barely walk.
Maddie bumps into...


1. Chap1

I let out a sigh and ran down the stairs, I was trying to sneak outta the house because I felt like getting druck...I just wish I could destroy my insides of drinking because I had a horrible life, my parents don't care about me. I moved away from my friends that I loved...also my boyfriend that I loved to death, he was the one that made me feel the best inside. He gave me his jacket when I was cold, when people made fun of me he was there to cheer me up. I loved him to death... Anyway I finally snuck out and was heading out the door. My house was only 2 blocks away from the Irish club so I just walked instead of taking one of thous creepy cabs where the guys breaths on you neck half the time... I sprinted out the door and down the side walk. It was pitch black and all I could see is the street lamps going all the way down the road and side walk. "God it's cold out" I shivered "I wish I had Kyle here" I started to tear up. But I told myself to get over it and keep walking faster to the club. This was the 4 time this week I was going to the Irish Club. I was glad thou for some reason...

••••••••••••••••..................._____________Time skip

I walked up to the doors of the club and opened them. The music beat down, the lights flashed, a bit screwing up my sight but I was fine. Sweaty drunk people danced and touched each other, I was like the lone one. I was the odd one because I wasn't drunk yet, so I went to the bar area. I maneuvered my way threw the crowd and got thrown by some drunk man "WHAT THE FUCK YOU ASS" I stood up and slapped his face, he fell on the floor face first. I laughed and continued to the bar. When I got to the bar I sat on the stool and asked for a Jack Danials. The club was really hot inside so i took my jacket off. "Here you go miss" The bar tender smiled and slid the glass with the drink to me. "Thank you!" As soon as i was done talking i chugged the glass of Jack, i asked for 2 more...

Hours passed and i had to much to drink....i had about 10 bottles (Glasses) my vision was quit blurred I could see a bit. But my vision was poor all I could see well were the light and drunk people, I decided to join the crowd. Dancing. Partying. Hitting. Almost most all the Party drunk things you would do! 


I was really dizzy i felt like dying, i dropped to my knees on the cold stone floor. I Gripped my stomach in pain, My nails dug into my stomach and i let out a groan  I whimpered in pain on the floor, some people came up and kicked me which made me fall on my side. "Fuck..." I cried, my nails scraped on the stone ground. Out of no where i hear some asking "Are you ok?" and all i do is moan in pain "Im ok i guess" i try standing up and looking at the guy, as he helped me up. When i took a look at him he had blond hair that spiked a bit, he stood taller then me and looked like he would be 18-19/ i couldn't see to well but he looked cute from what i seen so far..."Can you stand? You can lean on me..." His cute and heart taking Irish accent warmed me "No im ok..." I fell on the ground again.

He helped me up, he threw his arms around me "Here, you look like you need some help" He picked me up, all i could smell was his colon and some alcohol. " You smell nice" He smiled "Not as good as you..." i rolled my eyes, he chuckled "Im Niall...", i looked at him and smiled a bit "Im-" "NIALL! LOUIS WONT STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT WHAT THIS GUY DID" this guy interrupted me! From what i could see he had Curly hair, really tall, big hands and i guess cute.

"Niall, who is this lovely lady?" He asked "Um i didn't Catch her name yet. You interrupted her, Harry!" Niall snapped. They both looked at me waiting for my response. "Im Maddison...but you can call me Madd..." i smiled a bit...not to much, just anuff for them not to see threw my fake smile. "Wow, i love your name! So pretty" Niall smiled "Stop lying! I hate my name! Im not beautiful!" I tried to jump from Niall's arms, but i failed. When i jumped i landed on my face, "Uhhhhh, why cant i walk!" I moaned "Your very drunk! An dont say that about yourself! Your beautiful, and you know it!" Niall's Irish accent killed me!

Niall picked me up once more, "Ok Harry gather the boys we will go right now..." Niall asked Harry "Ok" Harry ran off into the crowd, he was gone after the second row.

"Im coming home with you?" I was supprised "Yes, im taking care of you! Your not a one night stand, dont think of it like that..." Niall smiled and walked out of the club. with me.  "Niall, out of all the girls you could have picked up, You choose me. Why?" I asked him, "Well, I thought you were Beautiful and unique... And needing help" Niall said in a passionate voice. I sat speechless in his arms as he opened the door to a car door, then hopped in. He set me on the seat beside him, I slid away at first but then he dragged me right up beside him. Then van started to pile, 4 boys and 1 girl ran into the car/van. "Niall! Who is your friend!" A beautiful voice spoke "This is Maddie! I'm taking her home with us! She's drunk right now...her vision sucks a bit..." Niall smiled "She's Cute!" The beautiful voice spoke again "Maddie, I know you can't see well right now but, this is Zayn. Louis. And Liam!

Zayn...Such a beautiful name! All I could see was his black/brown hair, with a little blond swirl!

Louis had a beautiful voice, He had Brown hair, a quiff and looked like he loved to smile!

Liam was all time cute, his hair was brown with a quiff like Louis but shit up a bit more, can't for get the smile!

Harry, he was a sexy flirt for sure. The way he looked at girls, was always the sign of sex for harry.

But Niall was Perfect. All perfection, I don't know how he likes me, when he sees the real me he'll throw me on the street.

****Time skip 

I fell asleep on Nialls shoulder, I didn't really know where I was at this point.

I wake up on a couch, my head laid on someone's lap. It was still night and I had a hangover, my head throbbed and my stomach ached. "Ugh," I moaned and turned on my back the opened my eyes up all the way. I seen Niall smiling down at me. My vision was cleared, he looked hot! How could he choose me, he is so beutiful. "Morning Beautiful." Niall smiled "Morning?" I was confused "Can you see better now?" His Irish Accent was beautiful "yeah..." I sat up and my head landed on his chest, he chuckled "you can touch more of me if you want!" Niall spread his legs, I looked him down from head to toe. "What's wrong? Are you o-" "NIALL! Is she awake?" IM not sure if that was Harry

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