I Never Wanna Say Goodbye...

I've always wanted to be with a guy that would care and love me because of who I am...
Maddie is a 16 year old girl that thinks she has no life at all...she cuts to solve her problems and can't stop.one night she goes to a club just to get drunk, she gets so drunk she can't even see anything. Her vesion was blur and she could barely walk.
Maddie bumps into...


2. Chap 2

I whipped my head around, I was in a nice house. Almost everything was White, I turned my head to a couch. 3 boys sat there. Harry, was standing, I forgot the others names. I itched my head and squeezed my eyes together "Where the fuck am I " I groaned, "In a house, with guys" "With One Direction" When I heard that I thought I was dreaming. "Whatever, this has to be a dream" I threw my self on the other side of the couch and closed my eyes. "She thinks she's dreaming? How?" "Ha! Wait till the morning Niall, she is probably PMS'ing" "Most Likely!" "She is beautiful" "She is.Ill take care of her" I knew the last one was Niall. Was this real? It has to be! It's not a dream...this is really real! I'm in a house with one direction!?

I sat up again and looked at the boys, they looked at me too. "You alright? And this is not a dream this is real!" Niall tried to make it clear to me, it didn't work well. "No, what I don't under stand is, What a girl like me... A stupid bitch that deserves to die ends up in Niall Horans house! That's what I don't get!" , everyone was silent. Nobody made a sound, Niall looked at me and bit his lip "Why do you think like that..." Niall asked "You don't need to know!" I snapped "No! I do need to know! What bothers you I can fix it! I can't believe you would think of you self and call your self that! Why...!" He looked away in disappointment "Listen I barely even know you guys! Your are most likely thinking if me as a idiot!" I got up and walked out of the living room, threw the kitchen, and out the front door. When I got outside I sat on the front step Infront of the door. I sat in stress. My fingers threw my brown hair, my elbows on my knees. Right at that moment I felt like Dying. My stomach still hurt, my headache was part-gone and feet felt like they were going to fall off because they hurt so bad! I sat outside for awhile thinking about how messed up my life was, by that time I was crying a bit.One little tear ran down my cheek and on my hand. And of corse the door opens when I'm crying!

"You ok?" It was Niall, He came up and sat beside me rubbing my back. "Why are you so upset?" Niall threw his arm around me "My life, it sucks! Ill explain it to you later..." I muttered, "ok, for now. You can let out your tears", I burst out crying. I find my self hugging Niall to death, "IM sorry I'm crying on your shirt Niall" I buried my face in his chest "It's ok, I like you crying on my shirt!" Niall squeezed me, in the cold night.

When I finally stop crying Niall asked if I wanted to go back inside, I nodded yes. Niall stood up, he grabbed my hand and helped me up. "Thanks, I guess", "Your welcome." Niall chuckled. He grabbed my hand and pulled me inside his house. "Here, go upstairs and lay down, my bedroom is on the left." Niall said "You need some rest..." He gave me a hug, then pointed to the stairs. "Ok," I walked over to the stairs, I took one step at a time till I reached the top. I went to the left, I opened a white door. There was a big King size bed, looked like a walk in closet on the side and a huge window. I sat on the edge of the bed, I did know what to do. So, I sat there doing nothing. Awhile past and I was laying on my back, looking up at the ceiling fan. I heard the door open "Hey, you asleep yet?" "Niall, I can't sleep when I'm in a strangers house." I muttered "Oh, we'll could I lay next to you? Would that comfort you?" I heard Niall walk in and softly shut the door behind. "No, that will make it weird." I sat up on my elbows, "No, it wouldn't be weird! I'm not going touch you I'm just going lay beside you." Niall smiled and jumped beside me, "The guys left, its just us now" Niall stood up again and took his shit off, "Dude, wait till I get out of your room, It's awkward" I got up and walked to the door "Hey! It's not awkward I getting my PJs on! Ha, you can wear some of mine" he Chuckled, "ugh," I went back to the bed and sat on the edge, "Here, wear this." Niall handed me a Black skin tight tee shirt, plaid PJ bottoms that were blue, and for the fun of it he gave me a hat. "Thanks ill go get changed in the washroom!" I grabbed them from him, I walked to the bathroom door "You can get changed in here, I don't mind..." Niall grinned "uh," I really didn't know what to do, I looked at Niall, then back at the washroom door. "Fine, but look away it's weird!" I snapped, Niall smirked an rolled his eyes and turned around. I first slipped off my shirt, then my shorts. I grabbed the black shirt and put it on, then I put the bottoms on. "Ok, you can turn around now..." I jumped on the bed. I slid under the covers, Niall looked at me and smiled "Your Beautiful!" He smiled showing his braces, "Whatever..." I rolled my eyes and laid down, "you are" Niall came up beside and laid down. I could feel his warm breath down my neck, I was on my side laying down. I feel Nialls hand go up my side. "Niall, Stop!" I put the pillow over my head "No, you stop." Niall threw the pillow off my head, "Im going to sleep Niall." "Some one needs a happy meal!" Niall muttered. I moaned and went to sleep.

********************In the Morning**********************

*falls off Bed* "OUCH", I fell off the bed, great that's just what I needed to start off the day! I heard Niall moan, I peaked over the bed. He had one hand on his stomach, an the other hand on his forehead. Also in his Boxers. I quickly got back on the bed, threw the covers over me and closed my eyes. "Maddie, you awake?" Niall groaned "yes..." I sighed "Do you want something to eat? You hungry?" Niall kept on asking me Food questions, I just nodded and said Yes. "Ok ill make Breakfast!" Niall jumped out of bed and ran down stairs. "What do I where now..." I felt better this morning, all my aches and pains were gone. And so was my hangover! I wasn't moody anymore either. Anyways, I was looking for something to wear, I snuck into Niall closet and took a look at what he had. First I looked threw the shirts, I found a shirt that said *IRISH* on it, it was also black. Next I looked threw Niall shorts, I grabbed a pair of green shorts, then threw them on. "That's as goo as its going to get..." I walked over to a mirror and looked myself over. "There..." I turned around and ran down the stairs, only expecting Niall, but no. Some other person there. "Hello! I see your wearing Nialls cloths" he chuckled a bit, I seem Niall come around to corner "HA, Nice cloths! They look nice on you!" Niall smiled, he leaned against the open kitchen door way. "Gotta love Niall!" Maddie smiled and rolled her eyes. "Everybody loves me! I know you you do!" Niall smirked "Whatever..." I chuckled.

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