Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are...

A sweet story with a scary twist. A little Paranormal/Supernatural as well. I hope you like it! Fan+recommend! Thank you lovelies!



1. Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are...

Hey guys! If you like this pleeeeease fan me! I could kinda use the fans... sorry if this sounds like begging. I really appreciate you guys reading this. And make sure to check out my other pieces! If you like this I think you will really like the first one I published, entitled "Leaves on the Wind" :) 


Every winter my family and I visit our camp near Lake Dunmore for Christmas. It's a really fun time for us and the cabin is really nice. It's has three bedrooms, an old fire place and a big cluttered attic that's great for hide and seek. That's where I was, hiding in the attic when it happened.

It had started out as any other day at the camp did. We lit a big fire in the fire place and sat down to a hearty breakfast of pancakes and grits. My parents went out on the lake to go ice fishing and my big brother, Tyler went outside to get some more fire wood so, my little brother, Teddy and I decided to play hide and seek. Teddy started counting and I ran upstairs to the attic. I immediately ran for the corner next to the window because it was the most shaded but before I hid I looked outside for Tyler. I saw him walking into the woods and smiled. Then I sat down in the corner and waited for Teddy to give up, he would never find me. I waited for about ten minutes before standing to look out the window again. I was getting bored and wanted to see if Tyler was back yet. He wasn't. I waited another ten minutes. Still no Teddy, still no Tyler. I'll wait for Tyler to get back and then I'll go downstairs, I thought to myself, so I waited another 20 minutes. Still no Teddy, still no Tyler. Where's Teddy? Did he give up? Or did he forget about me and just go play on his own. That's when Teddy screamed from downstairs. My first reaction was to jump up and run to the door but I stopped myself.
Teddy's just trying to scare me into coming out, or maybe he thought he had found me and jumped at the spot to scare me. I went and sat back down. I know! When Teddy comes up to the attic I'll jump out and scare him!

I looked out the window, still no Tyler. This was getting boring. I wanted to go downstairs or do something or go play in the snow. I wished Tyler was there to talk to. It was pretty lonely up in the attic and I had to much time to think. Little did I know the game would quickly end for that's when I started to smell it. It was an awful smell, smokey and burnt. It smelled like someone had thrown ten pounds of beef into the fire, that dry and burning meat smell. Then the smoke started coming up, I remember this part the best although I wish I hadn't. Smoke started pouring through the cracks under and door. It was a dark smoke and It scared me. What had happened? Did Tyler come back and trow more wood on the fire? No! I would have seen him! Besides, I thought to myself, Tyler would have to throw a small tree on the fire to make this much smoke! It didn't matter anyhow, I just knew I had to get out of there while I still could. I ran into the smoke searching for the door grabbing at anything I could. I lost my way in the smoke and started reaching in all directions. The smoke was stinging my eyes and burning my tongue. Then a dark figure appeared. “Tyler!” I screamed and ran to it. Everything will be okay, Tyler is here to save me. I thought. Then it grabbed me. Everything went black and I felt my heart stop pounding as I hit the floor with a thud.

When I came to I found myself alone in the smokey remains of our once perfect, beautiful cabin that I had loved so dearly. Now I hated the place, I didn't know what had happened but I did know that I had to get out of there. Then it came to me. Teddy! I thought. He never found me, I never found him. I was supposed to take care of him. Is he okay? Why did he scream? Where is he?
“Teddy!” I called out. “Teddy?! Are you there? Where are you? Teddy! Don't hide from me!”
A response came immediately “Addie! Its your turn now, come find me!” Something said from the woods.
“Tyler!” I screamed. “Tyler just come out! Where is Teddy?”
“Come find me Addie, come find me.”
I was beginning to get scared. “Teddy your scaring me, I don't want to come into the woods. Are you with Tyler?” I yelled back, tears streaming down my face.
“Come find me Addie...”
The voice started to drift away, that's what scared me most of all.
“Teddy! No, come back! Where are you going?” A faint voice replied “Come find...” and drifted away in the wind. By this point I was screaming, crying, running into the woods. I couldn't loose Teddy! I was supposed to take care of him! My parents would come back soon and scold me if I didn't find him. I ran through the woods from tree to tree searching, and that's how I stayed, searching for the rest of forever. After a while I forgot what I was searching for. I was surrounded by the woods, with no way out, searching forever. I never found my family, never found a way out, never found what that dark figure was and I was doomed to stay in this wood forever.

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