My Town

A mini rant about my town in a poetic way. Enjoy! Fan+recommend!



1. My Town

My town is a tiny little town, in a tiny little state, in a tiny little corner of the universe.
My town is just about the smallest town you can find.
My town is cold in the winter, but cold is an understatement. My town freezes in the winter from December to March and doesn’t thaw out completely until June.
In my town it snows, and snows, and snows, and the snow stays until the summer sun comes out and very slowly melts it all away.
My town is warm in the summer when everyone drinks lemonade and swims in the big lake.
My town is home to a big lake that, in turn, is home to a big monster.
In my town everybody knows everybody and everybody knows you.
In my town everyone stays here their entire life and no one ever leaves, why would they when life is so content here?
Someday I’ll leave my town and I’ll live in a big town, where not everyone knows me or who I was.
I’ll live in a town where the lights blare bright all through the night and I fall asleep to the sound of cars speeding down a street and horns honking rather than crickets chirping and bull frogs burping.
But my town is enough for me, for now.
My town is a few miles away from everything, a few miles away from several beautiful mountains covered with snow in the winter for skiing and covered with foliage in the summer for hiking.  
My town is home to a very big theatre that has been here longer than I have been alive.
You can do pretty much anything in my town but everyone is limited to the summer time because in the winter the weather is too cold or too rough to do anything, except maybe go to that theatre, which is how I spend my time.
In my town everyone is friendly, not many people hunt or spend all their time dirt biking or motor cycling like they do in other parts of the state.
In my town everyone is family.
My town might be a tiny little town, in a tiny little state, in a tiny little corner of the universe but for now my town is just big enough for me.

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