Becoming a Star

This is one of my favorites that I wrote. Each reader interprets it differently, so I have no words to describe it. But I know you bookworms will love it. I wrote it when I was 10 years old but I still considerate it well written. Enjoy! And Make sure to fan+recommend!


1. Becoming a Star

The bright, white lights flashed on with a clunk, flooding the space.
I found myself in the middle of a black room.
I felt like I had been there before.
Long ago
Or in a dream.
Or another life,
If you believe in that sort of stuff.
Black walls.
Black ceiling.
Black floor.
I saw black everywhere,
Making the light even whiter.
I found myself wearing a white lace dress I had never seen before.
It was right that the dress was white,
It matched the light.
I stood out from the black around me.
Filled me.
I was sitting on the hard, cold black floor.
But the warmth of the light flooded my body,
Around me like a safety net.
Comfort overpowered vulnerability.
I can’t remember how I got there or where I was but it didn’t matter then.
As my eyes adjusted I began to see faces,
Hundreds of them just beyond the light.
I knew what I should do.
I had done it before
Had I?
I’m not sure.
It felt right so
I push the hard, cold, black floor away and stood.
My strength returned.
Stepping forward I scanned the faces,
Each one was blank and cold.
There was no love in their eyes.
The lights were warm on my body but the faces cannot feel it.
The drafts out there chilled them to the bones,
They were hard and stern and weathered.
I opened my mouth but no sound came out.
I tried again to no luck.
Suddenly music began.
It was a pretty tune.
It reminded me of rainy spring days, the smell of wet concrete.
Purple flowers hiding in emerald grass.
A mountain landscape.
A red barn full of chickens, goats, pigs, and love.
A dock, planted firm in a stony lake.  
Blues, greens, and purples.
It surrounded me
It came from the walls.
It came from the ceiling, floor, light.
It came from the faces.
It came from my eyes, my brain, my heart.
I knew what I was supposed to do know, I had done it before.
Had I?
I’m not sure.
But I opened my mouth
Words came out now.
They were pure and clean, floating just on top of the music.
They were perfect, loving, smooth, crisp.
The joy filled me.
It was beautiful.
The faces disappeared in the darkness.
All I saw was the light.
I closed my eyes.
Suddenly I was somewhere else.
Was I on a cloud?
In the ocean?
I could smell flowers and water, perfume, picnics.
I felt a cool lapping at my skin.
Was it water?
The breeze?
The air filled my mouth.
I tasted ...
Was it even air at all or was it water?
Or food.
The birds chirped
Water lapped
Air blew
Was that a tree swaying in the wind?
Was I on a cloud?
In the ocean?
I blinked to get a better look.
Before I could make out where I was
I was back in the black room
With the lights in my face and the faces in front of me.
The music kept playing.
I kept singing.
The faces began to melt.
Their frowns morphed into smiles.
Their eyes melted from cold to warm.
The faces now had bodies.
They were clapping.
They loved me.
I raised my arms in song.
Glimpsing my hand I was shocked.
My dress, not bright as light
now made of light was glowing.
The light was coming from me now.
I was radiant.
And as the people clapped
I looked up.
The black ceiling was gone.
Replacing it, the black night sky,
Filled with stars.
As I sang my last notes I rose up through the missing ceiling
Into the night sky.
I rose to an empty space, shining and twinkling brighter than any other.
Now I knew I was a star.
I was famous.  

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