A little ghost story

I work at a super market. I work later than my co-workers, having to store the food at night, I'm always the last to leave and the first return. Recently I've noticed a man watching me when I'm alone, what I do next will prove fatal...


1. ...Short story

I saw him again. Every night this week  at the exact same time. The man stood watching me sort the groceries in the doorway of the supply room. I've tried to tell my co-workers about him, they're all too ignorant to believe me, they just laugh and mock me. He just stands there, watching me, as if he's lost. As if he were looking for something. He was a tall, dark haired male with coal black eyes, at time I thought he looked familiar.  I've tried to speak to him, to question him. He doesn't speak, he just observes, lifelessly. Usually, I ignore him, get on with my work and pretend he wasn't there, but it was Sunday night, my co-workers would be here in just a few hours and I didn't want them to continue mocking me, making jokes about my belief in ghosts. I took my camera phone from my pocket, pointed it at the man and pressed record. I knew that if I had proof of this man it might open my friend's minds a little, it couldn't do any harm, could it? I'm always the first to arrive at work and the last to leave. However, on Sunday night I didn't leave work. Monday morning approached and the doors were unlocked, my co-workers didn't suspect anything, they were expecting me here before them. When the manager walked into the supply room he froze, his jaw dropped, he couldn't believe what he was staring at. I was lying motionless on the stone floor of the supply room, I was cold, stiff, pale. My eyes were bloodshot and my mouth wide open, as if it were being forced open. The manager noticed something shine from the back of my throat, he reached for it and pulled it out with some force. He stared at it for a while before realising it was the memory card from my camera phone. It wouldn't fit into any phone or computer any more  it was scratched bent and bloody from the sheer force of it being pushed down my throat. I guess the man who watched me in the doorway was camera shy.
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