She Walks in the Rain

Another newspaper poem....hope you enjoy and read the others! Make sure to fan and recommend!


1. She Walks in the Rain

She walks in the rain.
Water pours down on her like bullets on her back.
Litter on the street soaks with water.
The wet cement smells like sorrow.
Her shoes soak and rub her tired feet sore.
The flooded street sloshes and pushes her around.
Just fighting to stand her energy is drained.
Wind whips up her dress, biting her ears and slapping her nose.
Her hair mats, sopping wet.
Her makeup runs.
Her black dress, stained by the rain.
Her umbrella does little to shelter her.
Her heart holds no warmth.
Her body cold as ice.
It is a miserable experience.
The world closes in.
Black and grays everywhere.
No where to go.
She does find one good thing about walking in the rain though,
No one can tell that she’s crying.

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