You and Me

Katerina moves to Holmes Chapel in England after her mum dies in hope to meet new people because aside from her mum dying she was bullied in school. Her older brother Mathew is very protective of Kat and he always tries to give her the best life as he could. When Kat meets Harry Styles from One Direction will she fall for him? Maybe, Maybe not you just have to read to find out.


1. Moving to Holmes Chapel

 Katerina's P.O.V.

             As we pulled up to the big house Matt turned to me. "Don't worry Kat it's gonna be okay. Nobody hates you here." "Not yet." I mumble. Matt and my dad get out of the car and take some boxes inside. "Kat you can go find the room you want. I suggest the master bedroom." said Matt. "It has a walk in closet." i giggled and hopped out of the car. I took two of my boxes and carry them to the master bedroom. It was bigger than i expected. But the best part is that the walk ing closet is at least half the size of the room. I set the boxes on the middle of the floor. "I have more boxes Kat." said Matthew. "Can you help me unpack?" i asked him. We started to unpack my boxes when i opened a box and saw the book my mother had given me the day before she died. I went to the last page and there was the note she gave me. I opened it and read it. 'My dear kitty, I hope you know i love you with all my heart. I wish i could watch you grow up. Matthew promised me he would take care of you. Make sure he does. I never told you that the key I gave you unlocked the wooden box that was in my room. The one i gave you for your sixteenth birthday. Do not open the box until you need it. Love always Mommy."        As i set the note down i burst into tears. "Why did she have to die Matt?!" "I do not know Kat i don't know."


Sorry it is short i gotta go carve my pumpkin!

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