You and Me

Katerina moves to Holmes Chapel in England after her mum dies in hope to meet new people because aside from her mum dying she was bullied in school. Her older brother Mathew is very protective of Kat and he always tries to give her the best life as he could. When Kat meets Harry Styles from One Direction will she fall for him? Maybe, Maybe not you just have to read to find out.


2. Erm hi.

As I arrived at my bus stop I saw a curly haired green eyed boy. He was cute. But I think he is to cute for me. Not that I don't like him he just won't like me. Anyway I stood next to him by a pole and waited for the bus. "Hey I haven't seen you around." he said. "Yeah I'm erm new here." I told him. "Let me see your schedule, we might have some classes together and I could show you around." I took out my schedule and handed it to him. "It looks like we have music, history and science together." he told me. "Oh I'm Katerina. But you could call me Kat." "And I am Harry." he said. Then the bus came. As I got on the bus I say in the front seat and Harry sat in the back. I decided to go to the middle of the bus then I sat down. We arrived at another stop and a girl got on and everybody called her Holly. "What are you doing in my seat?" asked the girl. "Get up!" she yelled. I continued sitting there. "I said get up!" she yelled louder. She grabbed my arm and threw me into the seat infront of that one and her and aanother girl sat down. She started kicking the back of my seat. Then she kept touching my head. The one girl jumped in my seat and started kicking me and manages to kick me
In the eye. The girl Holly, I think kept hitting my head. I then begin to get smothered and people started laughing. "Harry help!" I yelled. Nothing no help what so ever. It seemed to take forever to get to school. As we arrived I walked inside limping and blood dripping down my head. I went into the bathroom and washed it off while crying. Today is a half day so I sat in the bathroom the whole time. As the bell rang I got up and walked outside. I started walking home when I heard footsteps behind me. I started to run but whoever it was caught up. She pushed me down and started kicking me. It hurt bad and I could tell I was bleeding a lot. After a few
Kicks to the head I was knocked out all I heard were the people running away.

Harry's P.O.V.
I felt bad not helping Kat on the bus. And then she never showed up to classes. I was walking home when I saw someone laying on the ground. I ran over to her and looked at her face. It was Kat. She had blood on her face and she was mocked outcold. But it's winter and she is laying in the snow. I picked up her phone and saw she only had two contacts. I called a boy named matthew and he picked up. "Hello is this Matthew?" I asked. "Yeah." he said. "I found Kat laying in the snow by the bus stop and she had blood on her head." I explained. He said he would be here very quickly and he was. "Is she your sister?" I asked him. "Yeah and who are you?" he asked. "I'm Harry, I met her this morning." "Okay thanks for your help. You can leave now." he said. "Well acually can I help you bring her home?" I asked "Um sure." he said. I helped put her In the car and we started to her house.
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