Secret Garden (My Narnia)

Hey guys, here is yet another poem :P Sorry, I promise to post a few stories by tomorrow! So far I have only been posting the ones that have been published in my cities newspaper, so here is one that was published last year when I was 11.


1. Secret Garden (My Narnia)

I swing my neon green converse in my hands.
My feet squish through the soft moss.
Toads pop out from the prickly grass, camouflaged in the green.
Fragile purple flowers hiding in the emerald grass.
The forest in front of me is lush and fresh.
It is spring and everything is new.
New life, new plants, a whole new forest.
It smells like sage and green and happiness.
I feel mud seeping through my toes and look down.
The moss path I used to know has turned to mud.
I must be near the river now.
I walk to the end of the meadow and duck through the trees.
It is cool and damp and darker in the forest.
Overhead is a collage of leaves letting in golden streams of light.
I walk past the old oak and I can see it now.
The river is greenish and glossy.
Every few second you can see a few golden glimmers just under the surface.
I jump right in and trudge through the current, careful of the goldfish.
The water is refreshing and washes all of the ugly mud off of my feet.
Replacing it with slimy algae, just the color of the moss.
I follow the river for a long time up the green mountains.
I get to the willow and step onto the prickly grass again.
Then I duck through the spiky bushes.
The sharp dark green leaves prick my skin drawing beads of bright red blood that seem out of place in the green of nature.
But it is worth it for I am here.
I am in a tunnel of vines and trees and bushes.
It stretches for a long time, winding through the mountains.
It is my wardrobe to narnia, my little door to another world, my forbidden secret garden of green.
I walk through the trail for hours, so content.
Suddenly I hear a catcall and turn sharply on my heal.
I search the tops of the trees for its source.
There she is, crouching in the branches.
Framed in bright green maple leaves.
A smile spreads across my face.
I throw myself at the tree and climb.
Sapp sticks to my rough palms.
I hang my shoes over my shoulder and they beat at my back the whole way up.
When I get to the top I turn and sit next to her.
Her leg pressed against mine, the sun on our backs.
The warmth feels good after the cold of the forest.
We pull the branches back simultaneously.
Revealing the most beautiful sight either of us have ever seen.
The green mountains roll along the horizon.
Evergreens pop up on the hills like dandelions in the meadow.
Glossy emerald rivers weave their way down the mountains.
It feels like summer.
It feels like happiness.
It feels like home.

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