When I was Younger

This is a short poem about Disney movies. It got selected for publication in my local newspaper so I thought I would share it here. Make sure to check out my other poems. More prose stories to come!


1. When I was Younger

When I was younger,
About four or five,
Every Saturday morning my friends would arrive.
We’d all dress up,
Do our hair different ways
And watch Disney movies for the whole day.
Stories of beautiful, brave, daring girls,
Who seemed to live in the most wonderful worlds.
They’d talk to animals, sing their hearts out,
Go into the woods and just dance about.
There were stories of sisters, and slippers, and balls.
A girl with gold hair in a tower so tall.
One with skin white as snow with seven small friends.
Or a frog who was not just a frog in the end.
All of their mothers were cruel
And their lives were a mess,
But they always looked stunning in the most beautiful dress.
So stunning, in fact, they’d see a prince and steal his heart.
That was always our most favorite part.
They’d  be true loves,
Find each other in the end,
And I always believed that would happen to me and my friends.
But now we’re grown up,
Twenty-four, twenty-five,
I used to believe, but my prince is yet to arrive.
And happily ever after seems so far away.
It seems farther and farther with each passing day.
I still wish like those brave, daring girls,
But it’s hard to be brave in this horrible world.
I wish I’ll find happy ever after,
For my story to end,
Or maybe my story is yet to begin.
Until that day arrives I’ll patiently wait
Just as I have
Since I was four or five. 

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