This Love

A Niall Horan Fanfiction
His friends all have their loves, and their relationships, but Niall never really had interest in a girl except one lucky girl.


1. No.

  "Yeah I'm thinking about asking Arielle out to prom." john said while a smile grew on his face.

  "Nice bro, you should do it." Mike said nodding his head towards John, "So Niall, who are you going to ask?" Mike continued and turned to me and so did John.

   i looked up from my paper and saw them staring at me smiling. "uhh, i dont know yet." i replied looking back down at my paper.

  "dude like every girl wants to go with you, pick one!" Mike laughed still looking at me.

  "haha, no. i dont think every girl wants to." I laughed and looked back look at them.

 "uh yeah. Have you seen how the ladies look at you?'oh oy gosh i want niall to ask me out to prom and la dee da nialls so hot la la de da'"John laughed trying to talk in a high girly voice.

"haha well, i dont know yet who im going to ask." i laughed and stood up and threw my bag over my shoulder and started to walk to my next class.

I walked into the mathroom and sat  in my usually seat. In the back, I sat the mike and john took a seat next to me and other started to sit as well.

"Niall so have you thought about it?" mike asked smiling.

"haha no all ive been thinking about is getting out of here and food. No girls haha."I replied laughing.



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