This Love

A Niall Horan Fanfiction
His friends all have their loves, and their relationships, but Niall never really had interest in a girl except one lucky girl.


2. News.

"haha no all ive been thinking about is getting out of here and food. No girls haha."I replied laughing then looked up to the teacher.

"hello class. Nice to see you all today."she said while looking around at all of us. "well before we start we need to introduce our new student. She came all the way from America! Give her a good welcome and here's Chloe." she said pointing at the girl walkin into the classroom.

This girl had long chocolate brown hair, it was pretty thick. She was wearing a blue baggy shirt but it was ties at the bottem and wearing white ripped skinny jeans. Her bag that she had was a red areopostle bag.

"well say hello! They won't bite!" our teacher said. All of our attention moved to Chloe.

"uh hi.." she mumbled with a little wave.

"wow you have a strong accent Chloe." my teach said. Well scene we in Ireland most of us have Irish accents or british.

"haha no your the one with the accent." she replied laughing. I have to admit her laugh was pretty cute. I kept staring at her while she sat down then she grabbed out a notebook and started writing or whatever. I felt a tap on my shoulder and It was mike.

"dude niall that Chloe girls a pretty hot American." he whispered over to me.

"I guess so." I replied.

"dude I know you think she is. She caught your eye. Your like non stop staring at her. yeah know if you take a picture it'll last longer." mike whispered back then winked.

"well she's new! Don't you stare at the new kids?" I asked.

"only if they're hot. Well I might ask her to prom if your not" mike said winking. I just sat there for a few minutes thinking about her.

"I don't know man first let me talk to her." I replied then started facing forward again looking at Chloe. I watched her every move. The more I stared at her the more I wanted to talk to her. I finally heard the bell ring and school was out. I need to talk to her.

Everyone stood up and started rushing out the door. I tried to keep up to her but theyre to many people. I eventually made it out of the class room and looked for her. I couldn't find her so I just faced the facts and went to my locker. I opened my locker and packed my bag with all of my books and papers and headed to the door.

I walked up to my car and opened the driver seat door and sat down. I leaned back and just sat there for a few minutes. I thought about the really pretty new girl that caught me eye.

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