This Love

A Niall Horan Fanfiction
His friends all have their loves, and their relationships, but Niall never really had interest in a girl except one lucky girl.


3. i think i do.

   I slid my key into the engine and started to head home. The name Chloe buzzed though my head, i didnt even know this girl and i might be developing feels for her. i mean, i dont even know.

   I arrived home and rushed up to my room and sat on my bed. i unzipped my bag and grabbed out my laptop. I opened my  laptop and waited for it to turn on. i then logged onto facebook. Then my phone went off I opened it and I received a text from mike.

    It said 'whats up? So you gona make your move? If you know what I mean(;' a smile grew on my face and

I replied 'haha wow man. Idk yet thinking about it.' then I pressed send and set my phone next to me and logged into Facebook. I went straight to the search bar and typed in Chloe Taylor and pressed search. Then her profile pic and her name popes up. It was a pic with her in the middle and two of her friends on the side. I clicked her name and it brought me to her timeline. I clicked on her profile pic. I just stared at the Pic. Then I looked at the likes. Damn 134 likes.

   Then I looked though the comments an it seems like she was chatting with the two girls next to her.

The convo started with this girl named Lindsay said. 'ugh Chloe I look bad in this.' she actually looked really hot in it.

Then Chloe replied. 'Lindsay no just no talk about bad uhhh me.' I whispered I  Myself. "no Chloe your beautiful." then kept reading on.

Makaela said 'guys shut up you both look stunning.' looks like she agrees with me,

then chloe wrote. 'haha whatever hey guys group chat me' then I clicked off the pic and looked though her timeline.

I know this all seems pretty stalkerish but heh heh yeaah. I looked at the 'add friend button' I then gathered another courage to press it and the. It said waiting for her to accept it. Then right then she accepted it. A whole feeling of relief flew over me. I looked at a few more pics of her then I closed my laptop and I got a text from John.

'hey dude mikes blabberen about how you love the new girl.;D' I laughed about and replied 'not love but she's cute I mean I haven't talked to her, but I really really want to.' I replied then like legit not even three seconds later he replied.'well dude you have to sit next to her tomorrow.' then I replied with 'haha I will hey ttyl.' then I sat down my phone and pulled my covers over me and quickly fell asleep.

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