reality of our love

This isn't a story..
Just a peice off my view .. may not be any use to you but who cares it feels good to express yourself In any form


1. love him like the way you want to be loved

You complain, fight argue cry wondering why nothing is right. He fights back complains and also has doubts that neither off you are the same person. After a reality check you begin to panick . whats happening, is this really happening , where is it leading to or could it be over. For a while you can't imagine it or some might leave him or her for a while and think its for the best but before you know it your talking again just like occasionally Except you have forgotten that a moment ago you had doubts about him or her. What my point here is that don't give yourself the opportunity to bring this upon yourself. Don't doubt don't complain dont cry or clings or whatever it is you that leads to separation. Learn to love him in any way and anyhow because really he is yur everything. He is yours and make him feel close to you. Make him feel that besides you nobody else can love him as much and care for him. Mines is beyond amazing he told me he Went to a party where there was so many girls but as he spoke he told me yalda all off them was looking at me and all i is put my head Down and lower my gaze..he said Yalda they were all making eye contact and.before I would.have done.something because they were so hot but now I feel nothing. I was like go marry them if there so beautiful what you.doing with someone ugly like me. He replied what can I do yalda beautiful doesn't make me happy. Even the poorest and ugliest can make me the luckiest man alive. But they are not you Yalda. A thousand off those girls put together can not even reach a thread off your hair. Maybe words can't prove his words but atleast I know when I Am with him, when he looks into my eyes, he doesn't see me, but sees the rest of his life before him
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