"The Populars." Cameron Smith really wants to be one of them, but she knows it is impossible, since she is one of the kids at school bullied by the Populars. One day, that seems to be an ordinary day, turns around, and she may have a chance to show them the person she can be.


3. The Movies

I couldn't even recognize myself in the mirror. I actually looked hot! I wore a black mini skirt and a pink tank top. Annie, my older sister, said it was the perfect look. Cute, but casual. My blonde hair was curled. I was actually wearing makeup too, which actually brought out my features more than I thought they would. I wore a grayish color eyeshadow and black eyeliner. Annie applied the makeup with such artistry, I looked amazing. My eyelashes were super long and they were curled just right. Everything about me looked perfect. I wore just a hint of blush, knowing I would be a darker shade of pink almost all night tonight.
It was 5:34 and I was really impatient. I turned on the TV to distract myself and found it useless. I shut it off after only a minute and went to find Annie. She was in the kitchen.
I figured it would be a good idea to ask her for a few more tips before he showed up.
"Well, don't be too cuddly or too crazy. Act casual as if you aren't freaking out inside, even though you will be. I can't tell you every move he's gonna pull, if he pulls some. Make sure your hands aren't sweaty cuz he might try to hold your hand either in the movie or afterward. Oh and brush your teeth, you know. Just in case!" she winked at me and patted me on the back, which said "Good luck" then walked out of the kitchen and to her bedroom. I looked at the clock. 5:48. I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I put some more lipgloss on, the one Annie told me to
wear, and went into the living room to wait.
About five minutes later there was a knock at the door. I wanted to run to the door and throw it
open, but I needed to act casual, as Annie said. I strolled to the door and wiped my hands in case
they were sweating. I opened the door and smiled. "Hi,"
"Hey," Josh was wearing a button up shirt with jeans, so he was dressy casual like me, and his hair was like normal, like it was purposefully messed up. He smiled back at me and took my hand. I was so glad my hands don't normally sweat!
He led me to his white car and opened the passenger door. I slipped in and he closed the door
behind me. He walked around and got in on the other side. He started the engine and began to pull out of my driveway.
"You look nice," Josh complimented, glancing at me from the corner of his eye.
What to say, what to say... Something that sounds cool. Like it was no big deal. "Yeah, I just through some stuff together," I say.
" Well, it looks great on you." he smiled and focused his attention back to the road. I really hoped I wasn't blushing!
We chatted a little on the way to the movie theatre. Mostly just some small talk. We got there within 10 minutes and then Josh asked, "So... What movie do you want to see?" hmm.. I hadn't thought about that... I didn't want to totally make a fool of myself by saying some lame movie, so I just acted casual. "Whatever really. I don't really care much,"
He chuckled and said, "how bout, 'What to expect When You're Expecting'? It's supposed to be really funny" he said as he examined the options.
"Sure. Sounds good." I replied and we went to buy our tickets.
We got to the counter and I pulled out my wallet. Josh laughed and said, "No. I'll pay." I was going to argue but he had already pulled out the money, so I put my wallet back in my pocket. I promised myself I would pay for popcorn and drinks.
The lady gave him our tickets and he gave me mine. We walked to the concessions counter and he ordered one large popcorn and a cola. He looked at me to see what I wanted. What had Natasha been drinking this morning? It was a coke. So I said I would have a cola too.
We began walking towards the right theatre after the guy checked our tickets. He pulled my hand into his and we walked into the theatre hand in hand.
As he guessed, the movie was hilarious. I was laughing pretty much the whole time. At one point, Josh put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him, and I snuggled against him, hoping that was the normal thing to do. It felt right, so I guess it was.
When it was over, we held hands and walked to his car in the chilly air outside. Again he opened my door for me then went to his side. The car ride home had a little more conversation than the ride to the movies.
When we pulled up to my hous, I was sad that I had to go.
"We'll have to do this again sometime. It was really fun." he said and I agreed. I was saying good bye and opening my door, but he leaned over and pulled it shut.
The one thing I was sure he wouldn't do, he did. When I looked over at him, he began leaning in to me. My heart was beating so loud I was scared that he could hear it. This was going to be my first kiss. I was going to have my first kiss with Josh Springer in his car!
His lips lingered by mine for just a second before they touched. It was like magic. I couldn't believe what I had been missing out on! I had such a warm feeling in my heart when our lips touched, and I never wanted it to end. The kiss only lasted about 5 seconds, but it was a first date and he didn't really know me. When it ended, he didn't even say anything, he just jumped out of the car to open my door. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out. He walked me up to my doorstep, and began kissing me again.
That warm feeling from earlier was coming back. The kiss lasted longer this time, maybe almost a minute. Maybe he normally kissed this long on a first date, except maybe it was hard in the car, or he wanted to experiment first. Finally we pulled away and said goodbye. I opened my door and walked in. I stood with my back to the door until I heard his car drive away. Then I ran upstairs looking for Annie. She was the only one at home. She took care of me because my parents both died in a car crash about two years ago. She was already 18 by then, so she was legally allowed to watch over me.
I had to tell her all about it.

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