"The Populars." Cameron Smith really wants to be one of them, but she knows it is impossible, since she is one of the kids at school bullied by the Populars. One day, that seems to be an ordinary day, turns around, and she may have a chance to show them the person she can be.


2. The Day Drags On

I sat in my science class, eyes to the front of the room. I was desperately trying to pay attention to the lesson. It was impossible. I didn't even know what Mrs. Clawson was talking about. All I could pay attention to was the guys who kept laughing behind me. They kept hitting me with spit balls.
Josh said to them, "Hey guys. You should stop. She's a person too." Oh my gosh! The cutest guy in school was standing up for me!
"What ever man," Chris said. Then they all started talking about hooking up with Natasha, Chelsea, Brandy, and Layla. They were all sick. None of them even liked them for who they were inside. Not hard to believe, because all theynwere inside were cold and empty. They all thought they were just hot and stuff. They're disgusting.
About a minute later someone tapped me on the shoulder. I reluctantly turned around, expecting them to hit me in the face with something, but it was Josh handing me a folded piece of paper.
I carefully took it and faced forward again. I turned it over a few times, then unfolded it. I read it and gasped.
"Hey, Cameron. I've liked you for a really long time, I just didn't know how to tell you. Will you go to the movies with me tonight?

I couldn't believe it! Josh, I mean THE Josh Springer was asking me on a date. Maybe today was going to be a good day after all.

When science ended I rushed to my locker. Put the note in it and grabbed my algebra book. I ran to Mr. Cole's classroom on the other side of the building and sat in my seat smiling to myself. Josh sat next to me in this class. Not his choice, but Mr. Cole's. When he got there I acted normal then wrote on a piece of paper.
I was wondering when you would ask me <3

I thought maybe the heart was too much, but I didn't care. I gave it to him and he read it with a big smile on his face. "Great! I'll pick you up at 6." he said and then turned to write down the daily warmup as the bell rang.
The rest of the day I was too excited to pay attention to the lessons.
Finally the final bell rang and I ran to my locker to get my stuff and I sprinted down the halls to the front doors. I saw my older sister's black car parked right there and I hurried inside it. She smiled at me when she saw my smile. Most of the time when she picked me up I was grouchy, but today was an exception.
Unlike me, she was popular in high school. I mean, yeah she is really pretty and she has really cool clothes. She's tried to help me to be cool before, but it hasn't worked.
"Why are you so happy today?" she asked while she out of the parking lot.
"You'll never guess, so I'll just tell you. Josh Springer asked me to go to the movies today!" she was shocked.
"Normally popular people don't ask the least popular girl in school out." this didn't offend me, because I knew it was true.
"You'll have to help me get ready though," she smiled at the thought. She had a lotnof work ahead of her :)
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