"The Populars." Cameron Smith really wants to be one of them, but she knows it is impossible, since she is one of the kids at school bullied by the Populars. One day, that seems to be an ordinary day, turns around, and she may have a chance to show them the person she can be.


1. The beginning

I walked down the crowded school hallway. My name is Cameron and I'm the shyest girl in school. I don't have any friends, except one, but she doesn't want anyone to know she likes me. She's been trying to get to the top. She finally made it into the "tolerated zone" as we call it. There are many "zones" for people in school. I'll tell you them, started from to the top working down. Popular zone, Cool zone, Tolerated zone, uncool zone, and the bullied zone. The popular zone is for the cool people such as jocks and cheerleaders. Cool are the people who maybe aren't exactly football players, but play other sports or they act cool. Tolerated zone is the Populars will look at you and might talk to you on occasion. Uncool zone is you Aren't liked by the Populars, but they leave you alone, and the bullied zone, my zone, is pretty self explanatory.
Well, back to the story.
I walked down the school hallway. My locker is the last one in the Junior's Hall, so it was hard to avoid people. I see the Populars making their way in my direction. Great.
I look at the ground and sped walk towards my locker. Surprisingly I made it there without the Populars saying anything. Unfortunately, they just followed me to my locker. I pretend not to notice them and put in my combo. As soon as I open my locker, one of them reaches over and slams it closed. I sigh under my breath, too quietly for them to notice, and open my locker again.
I begin emptying my backpack and grab my binder and science book. I quickly close my locker and begin walking away.
I don't make it anywhere though, one of them grabbed my wrist and turned me towards them. It was Josh, only the cutest guy in school. Him and his friends move in closer and start calling me stupid names I long ago learned how to ignore. I look over and see Natasha, the most popular girl in school. She sees me surrounded by her popular friends and walks over, holding a soda in her hand. Her two "pets" Brandy and Layla followed her. She was let into the circle and the guys started yelling, "dump it on her! Dump it on her!" so, of course, as you can guess, she dumped some soda on my head them dumped it on my pants and on the floor to make it look like I peed my pants.
"Oh look, Cameron had an accident!" she said very loud. Everyone in the hall looked over and burst out laughing. "Do you need me to call your mommy?" she said sarcastically and giggled in her little giggle, that for some reason, all the guys thought was attractive.
I tried to hold the tears back and broke through the circle and ran down the hall and to my science class not caring about all of the people pointing and laughing.
It was going to be yet another long and horrifying day.
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