"The Populars." Cameron Smith really wants to be one of them, but she knows it is impossible, since she is one of the kids at school bullied by the Populars. One day, that seems to be an ordinary day, turns around, and she may have a chance to show them the person she can be.


4. In... Love?

"Ahhhh!!!!!" Annie screamed the moment I said the word "kiss."
She grabbed my hand I made me sit next to her on her bed. She turned and looked at me, smiling. "Tell me all a out it! How did it feel? Is he a good kisser? Did anyone else see?"
I rolled my eyes and began thinking about the questions. "I don't think anyone else saw it. He is an amazing kisser. I think that is a good thing, but doesn't that mean he has kissed a lot of people before, right?"
Annie giggled and replied, "He probably has some experience kissing , but he's popular, right? Most popular people have kissed people." Now Annie and I both laughed. "So, how went through your head when you realized he was going to kiss you, and what did you feel when he kissed you?"
I thought for a moment before answering. "Well, you know. I was kinda freaking out at first, 'cuz I've never kissed anyone before. I didn't know If I would enjoy it, or if he would enjoy it, or if my breath was gross. But then I realized they were stupid things to think about, I just wanted his lips on mine. Then when his lips were touching mine, I felt this warm feeling in my heart. It only lasted about 5 seconds, but then when he walked me to the door, he leaned in again and.."
Annie interrupted and screamed, "What?!?! He kissed you twice!!! That means he liked it!!!
Ahhh!! He really does like you!! Oh sorry, continue."
I giggled at her outburst and continued my story, "Well, when he leaned in again, it happened
really fast and I couldn't think of anything else. But when we were kissing I felt little fireworks
going off. Is that sensation normal for a kiss?"
She just stared at me with unblinking eyes. "Well, it's normal... If you're in love with him!!" My eyes widened, and I screamed.
"What?! In love?! How could I be in love with him? I hardly know him. I mean, yeah he's Josh
Springer. He's gorgeous, funny, smart, and everything a girl could ever want, but in love?!"
Annie laughed and I sighed. Was she right? Was I in love with Josh? Without another word, I
raced out of her room and down the stairs. I pulled on a light purple hoodie and walked out the
front door, needing some fresh air.
That's just strange. Too much to handle, having someone tell you you're in love with someone.
I sat on the porch steps thinking. Then I saw a group of teens walking by. My first instinct is to
hide my face so they won't know it's me, but something catches my eyes. That perfect hair and
those gorgeous green eyes are unmistakeable. Josh is smiling and laughing, and I can't help but
smile because his laugh is very contagious. He glances over towards my house, and turn my
head towards the ground. I glance back over in his direction and he catches my eye. He lifts his
hand and waves. I smile even bigger and wave back. He turns back to his friends, still smiling,
and I think maybe, just maybe, it is possible that I could be in love with him.
Once him and his friends are out of sight, I stand up and start walking back up the steps.
Absent-mindedly I begin singing Truly, Madly, Deeply by One Direction. "Truly, Madly, Deeply I
am. Foolishly, completely falling. And somehow you kicked all my walls in. So baby say you'll always keep me, Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love. With you. In love with you. I hope I'm not a casualty. I hope you won't get up and leave. May not mean that much to you, But to me it's everything. Everythin'. Truly Madly Deeply I am. Foolishly, completely falling. And somehow you kicked all my walls in. So baby say you'll always keep me Truly madly crazy deeply in love. With you. In love with you."
I slowly walked to my room, singing that song over and over again, thinking about the words. Maybe Annie's right. I am truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with Josh Springer.
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