This Is Not About You Anymore

Janie and her best friend Nala are huge Directioners. One day, they get a once in a lifetime chance. They see Harry and Louis at the mall. The boys ask them if they wanted to meet the rest of the band. Of course they say yes, and things get complicated. Janie starts to fall for Zayn and so does Nala. Love triangles break out and things get complicated. Will Nala and Janie still be friends, or will the lovley Zayn be the end of them?


3. Zayn

 The next morning, I woke up earlier than Nala, so I decided to take a shower.  I hopped into the shower, and did all the things people ususally do in the shower.  When I got out, I decided to leave my natrally red highlighted hair in curlers for a while.  Nala got out of bed about 20 minutes after I did.  She got into the shower and put her makeup on.  I said good morning and went up to my room to put on some actuall clothes (I had on some sweats and a DC T-shirt).  I walked into my closet and looked around.  I had to have at least 50 pairs of pants and 150 shirts and tank tops.  I finally decided on a flaring, bright blue, shirt that was tighter at the bottom and flowier at the top.  I paired that with some white jean shorts and fish-net tights, with white ankle boots and bright blue hoop earrings.  I took my hair out of the curlers and brushed it out a bit.  It didn't look frizzy, but it looked looked like my natrual curl pattern.  As I walked down the stairs, Nala looked up and saw what I was wearing.  "OMG!!! Janie you look sooo awesome!!!  I could never pull that off!!" she yelled and ran to hug me.  "Thanks, Nala!" I tod her, looking at the ground and blushing.  "I'm going up to my room to change too!" Nala yelled running up stairs.  It was 11:45, we still had about 25 minutes to get ready to go to Nando's.

 Nala came down the stairs wearing an tight orange tank top that showed off her curves.  She paired that with some denim shorts and cute orange gladiator sandals.  Her sterling silver jewlery looked stunning with the orange.  "You look awesome!"  "Thank you, thank you very much" she said striking a pose.  We laughed.  "OMG, look at the time!  We need to go!!" Nala yelled.  It was 10 'till 12.  Nando's was on the other side of town.  "Well, don't just stand there gaping!  Grab your purse!" I yelled.  I grabbed my Coach clutch and raced out the door.  Nala was right behind me, her sandals making a click-clack sound on the hot concrete.  I hopped into the driver's side of me Jeep and started it.  Nala and I raced to the other side of town, our brown and blonde hair, whipping in the wind.

 Nala and I got out of the Jeep in just 2 minutes of it being 12 'o clock.  Walking toward the entrance fixing our hair, Nala and I were lost in our own thoughts.  "You ready?" Nala asked.  I nodded two times.  As we walked in, he looked up and smiled.  His beautiful, brown eyes smiled with his mouth.

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