This Is Not About You Anymore

Janie and her best friend Nala are huge Directioners. One day, they get a once in a lifetime chance. They see Harry and Louis at the mall. The boys ask them if they wanted to meet the rest of the band. Of course they say yes, and things get complicated. Janie starts to fall for Zayn and so does Nala. Love triangles break out and things get complicated. Will Nala and Janie still be friends, or will the lovley Zayn be the end of them?


7. What the Fuck?

 Janie came to get me since the car was getting soaked.  I turned to say bye to the boys.  Liam winked at me and I blushed.  The boys wove and then turned to huddle around Liam asking him questions.  Janie put the key into the ignition and flew out of the parking lot.  When we go home, Janie and I were soaked to our underclothes.  Janie and I got out of the car and went to dry off and get on dry clothes.  We came out of our rooms at the same time.  I smiled the fakest smile in history and Janie's faded.  She headed down the stairs and I was on her tail.  She jumped up on the counter.  "So, what happened in the car with Liam?" Janie asked smirking.  I felt my eyes get wide and I turned away swiftly.

**********Janie's P.O.V**********

  Nala turned away after listening to my question.  "I'd rather not talk about that." Nala said.  "Why?"  "Just because..."  "What happened?" I asked, attempting to turn her around.  She wouldn't budge.  "Nala, answer me." I said forcefully.  "Well, do you want to know what happened?  Li and I talked.  Not anything special."  "Oh, you guys talked about something special.  How you looked when you walked in told me that you guys were talking. About something serious."  "Well, you really do want to know don't you?  I told him about Terrance."  "YOU WHAT?!?!?"  'Yeah. You heard me. About Terrance." She said dragging out his name.  "Oh, hell no"  "Oh, hell yes."  "WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME?!  AND TELLING MY LIFE STORY, PRACTICALLY, TO A GUY THAT WE BARELY KNOW!"  " IT'S BECAUST I LOVE YOU JANIE!  I COULDN'T HAVE THAT HAPPEN TO YOU AGAIN!"  "WITH WHO, MIGHT I ASK."  "Zayn"  "What the fuck, Nala?"  I ran up the stairs and slammed my door sobbing. 

**********NALA'S P.O.V**********

  Janie slammed her door. I could hear her sobbing.  All her crying made me cry.  I whipped my phone out and called my dad.  *RRRRIIIINNNG*.  It took two rings until he picked up.  "Hello?"  "D-dad."  "Nala? What's wrong?"  "N-no-nothing. Just can you come pick me up?  I d-don't feel l-like s-staying here anymore"  "OK, I'll be there in about an hour. I'm in Holmes Chapel."  "OK. Love you"  "K. Bye."  I hung up and quietly went up the stairs to pack.  I decided to text Niall to tell him that I was leaving.

  To: Nialler ;)  From: TheNalaRiver  'Hey. can u tell the boys tht im leaving. Janie and i got into a huge fight.'  To: TheNalaRiver  From: Nialler ;)  'Aw, wat? damn it, we were just about to invite u guys to a movie tommorow :(  no fair.'  To: Nialler ;)  From: TheNalaRiver  'Well maybe ill go buit just wanted to say bye.'  To: TheNalaRiver  From: Nialler ;)  'K, bye'

  I sat in the guest room until my dad texted me saying that he was outside.  I guess he didn't want to ring the door bell or nock, disturbing Janie.  I went to the door and closed it gently behind me.  My dad took my bags.  I got in the passengers side and pulled my knees up to my chest and leaning my head against the cold window.  I tried to hold back tears as we pulled out of the driveway and watched Janie's house get smaller and smaller.  My dam broke eventually and so did something inside me.  Was it me and Janie's friendship?  Or was it just... Me?

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